The Top 4 Self Care Tips Every Woman Should Know

Self-care is a critical piece to living well.

And as a mom of young ones (during a pandemic), I’m passionate about helping my readers take care of themselves in a world-class way. If we don’t have our physical and mental health, we have nothing.

Plus, I love the idea of having the best ideas, tips, and articles all in one place for readers.

So, if you’re looking for less stress and more happiness moving forward, check out these must-read tips and posts.

1. Your Mental Health Matters – A LOT

First, as women, we unknowingly downplay our mental health needs. We are giving creatures, and therefore put our hearts and souls into our families, work, and friends. But what happens when we don’t take the time to nourish ourselves?

We feel burnt out, empty, and lonely.

So, before anything else here, remember that your mental and physical health needs to be a TOP priority in your life. Even on days that you don’t feel you need it.

2. You Don’t Find the Time, You Make the Time

If you wait for the “right time” to take care of yourself, you’ll be waiting forever. You’ll ALWAYS be busy, your family will ALWAYS need you, and there will ALWAYS be days that you don’t have the energy.

The trick is prioritizing and making self-care happen, no matter what.

The most effective way to do this is through your morning and night routine. We do hundreds of small actions without thinking in these routines.

So, slide a short self-care activity between brushing your teeth and drinking coffee in the morning, or between your shower and breakfast. You’ll notice an improvement in how you feel without any real inconvenience.

What do you already do in your routines? And where can you fit a burst of self-love into the habits you have?

Be consistent, and before you know it, you’ll have rockin’ self care rituals that make or break your day.

3. Small Improvements Lead to Stunning Results

Next, let’s remember that you don’t have to go all out to make a massive impact. Tiny improvements, day after day, turn in to gigantic results. Simply keep at it, and commit to loving on yourself every day.

Check out these posts to easily take your mental health up a notch:

4. There Are Different Aspects to Self Care…

Take Care of them ALL

Self-care isn’t just facials and nail polish.

It’s an intricate balance between mental health, physical health, and social wellbeing. Here are some articles that pertain to the different essential types. If you aren’t sure where you are lacking, take the assessment for self-care HERE>>

Physical Health

Your nutrition, fitness levels, and sleep all affect how you feel through the day. If you struggle with low energy or the inability to focus, start here with your self care.

Mental/Emotional/Spiritual Health

Next, our mental health is comprised of many different facets. Here, we take care of our stress, anxiety, and emotions. But, this is also a space to check in with ourselves and make sure happiness is taking a front seat in our lives.

Social Health

Social connection is EVERYTHING when it comes to human health and happiness. In fact, in studies, the people that live long happy lives often have a strong supportive community that surrounds them.

Printables to Help You

And finally, check out these free templates to track your self care progress in new ways!

Before You Go…

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