The Awesome Effects of Daily Positive Input

How do I become a more positive and focused person? Have more confidence and belief in myself?

The answer, I believe, is in your input.

I’ve asked myself this question over and over for a long time. As a result, I’ve been increasing the amount of motivational material I see and hear. I started to notice that on the days that I intentionally exposed myself to positivity, I was a different person. I love reading, but I also added a vision board, inspiring podcasts, and videos when I work out.

positive input

As the exposure has increased, my mindset has begun to change. I am a little bit more open to making bigger goals for myself, following through, and taking risks. It’s unbelievable how by simply changing what we come into contact with, we can change how we live our lives.

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positive input

When we take in positive input about success and happiness every single day, it becomes easier to believe. We are training our minds in the best way possible! Plus, we stay more motivated and get a lot of new incredible ideas along the way!

The best part is that this new input crowds out the absurd amounts of negative input that we come in contact with. Horror stories and sensationalism are all around us!

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Why Technology Can Increase Negative Input

Have you ever heard the phrase “if it bleeds it sells?” The news is 90% negative for this very reason! And then, it’s easy to believe that the world is a terrible place when that’s all we see.

Or we spend too much time in the rabbit hole that is social media. Which is so stinking easy to do, by the way! But, we get stuck comparing our real lives to the perfect looking lives there. And, how do we feel about ourselves after?

Furthermore, the news and social media do nothing to help us progress in our lives, and it’s completely outside of our control. When we fixate on what we can’t control, we only damage our health and wellness.

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What you put into your mind is just as important as what you put into your body.

So, take a moment to think about your day. How much time do you spend surrounded by positivity? How much negativity is present? Be honest with yourself, and think about everything you see, hear, and interact with.

Now make a list of ways that you can expose yourself to more positive input!


Here’s my ideas list, along with my favorite resources!

  • Read (even just a few pages!) for growth or inspiration
  • Look at a few moving quotes on Pinterest
  • Write my audacious goals
  • Listen to a positive podcast while I work out
  • Watch an inspirational youtube video – there are so many amazing ones!
  • Follow inspirational or uplifting Instagram accounts
  • Spend time with people that lift me and make me want to be better
  • Listen to music that pumps me up and gets me moving

I’m finding it works best when I sprinkle it in throughout the day.

*Please share in the comments if you have a book, video, or podcast that has inspired you! I’m always looking for more ideas!



The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Body Love by Kelly Leveque

positive input


Admittedly, this looks like a lot! But, the great thing about podcasts is you pick and choose what episodes are interesting to you! I rarely listen to every single episode from one creator.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Goal Digger by Jenna Kutcher

The School of Greatness by Lewis Howe

Increase Your Impact by Justin Su’a


My Life Inspiration Pinterest Board

My Vision Board on Pinterest


What are your favorite positive resources?

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