Free 30 Day Couples Challenge to Strengthen Your Most Important Relationship

As life gets busy, it can seem almost impossible to connect with your partner. And yet, this is the one relationship that holds the glue of families together. If you don’t feel a deep connection, it’s hard to live a joyful life.

30 day couples challenge free printable

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Ultimate 30-Day Couples Challenge

This 30 day couples challenge strengthens your bond and deepens your connection. It includes simple, doable action tasks that don’t take much time or energy. Yet, the rewards they’ll yield will make you feel closer than ever.

Day 1: Kiss each other goodbye

Briefly kiss your partner before leaving for work or activities.

According to Psychology Today, a study on men in Germany during the 1980’s found that the men who kissed their wives before going to work in the morning lived an average of five years longer than husbands who didn’t kiss. They also made more money, used fewer sick days, and were less likely to be in a car accident after leaving.

It’s believed that it wasn’t the kiss alone that made the difference, but the healthy connection and positive attitude that came from the kiss.

cute couple relationship goals statistics on kissing

Day 2: Spend 30 minutes (undistracted) together

Set aside half an hour to spend quality time with your partner. Put away distractions, like phones or TV. Then focus solely on each other’s company.

Day 3: Text something sweet or spicy

Send your partner a text message with a little flavor to keep the spark alive throughout the day.

Day 4: Listen. Without the intent to fix

Hear out your partner without immediately trying to solve the problems they share.

Day 5: Set a financial goal together

Sit down to discuss and establish a shared financial goal, such as:

  • saving for a vacation
  • paying off debt
  • or putting money into retirement

Day 6: Take a walk with your partner (or do a workout)

Go for a walk together or try a joint workout to promote physical health and bonding.

Day 7: Pick up something at the store for your partner

Surprise your partner by picking up a small item or treat they enjoy while you’re running errands.

Day 8: Cook something together

man and woman in the kitchen cooking

Enjoy the process of cooking as a shared activity.

Day 9: Do a playful challenge or game

Engage in a fun activity or couples challenge that encourages playfulness in your relationship.


Day 10: Eat breakfast (or lunch) together

Make an effort to have a meal together, even if it’s just breakfast or lunch. Start or break up the day with shared time.

Day 11: Compliment each other

Take a moment to sincerely compliment your partner. Highlight something you appreciate or admire about them.

Day 12: Plan a vacation (or other outing)

Discuss and plan a future vacation or outing. This helps you get excited about something you’ll do together. Often, the anticipation is even better than the experience.

Bonus: Take it a step further with a couples vision board or couples bucket list.

Day 13: Spend 5 minutes or more snuggling

Cuddling releases oxytocin in your system. This can…

  • improve sleep
  • reduce stress
  • lower blood pressure
  • boost mood and immunity
  • AND increase relationship satisfaction

Set aside time to cuddle and physically connect with your partner today.

Day 14: Try something new in the bedroom

Experiment with something new in your intimate life. It keeps things fresh and exciting.

Day 15: Plan and have a thoughtful date night in

Arrange a special date night at home. Add thoughtful touches, like a homemade dinner, candles, or a favorite movie.

Day 16: Use questions for a deeper conversation

Get out of the ho-hum of normal conversation!

couples challenge for 30 days, on the couch

Ask thought-provoking questions that encourage deeper connection and understanding.

Great questions to ask:

Day 17: Ask for something you need today

Respectfully but firmly express a need to your partner. This could be anything from help with dinner to spending more time together.

Be direct and have an open conversation about a good boundary, improvement, or support you’re looking for.

Day 18: Take a bath or shower together

Enjoy a relaxing bath or shower together and see where it leads.

Day 19: Bring your partner a coffee

Surprise your partner with a cup of their favorite coffee as a thoughtful gesture.

Day 20: Do chores together

Tackle household chores as a team. Turn mundane tasks into teamwork and collaboration.

30 days of couples challenges free pdf printable calendar

Day 21: Hug each other

Share a warm embrace with your partner to promote your emotional bond today.

Day 22: Build in 30 minutes to do your own thing

An amazing relationship doesn’t mean you need to spend every moment together. Allow each other time for individual hobbies. And respect the importance of personal space.

Day 23: Share an appreciation about each other

Express gratitude for your partner by sharing something you appreciate that they did recently.

Day 24: Set a health goal together

Commit to a shared health or fitness goal, such as exercising together or adopting a healthier diet.

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Day 25: Forgive one thing your partner did

Let go of resentment and offer your partner grace for past mistakes.

Day 26: Leave a sweet or spicy note for your partner to find

Surprise your partner with a handwritten note. Make it either a heartfelt message or a playful suggestion.

Day 27: Do a playful challenge or game

Engage in another activity or game together. Keep the spirit of laughter and fun alive in your relationship.

Try this funny hot takes game.

Day 28: Dress up and have a fancy date night somewhere

Plan a special evening out where you dress up and enjoy a fancy dinner.

Day 29: Make a list of 10 reasons you love your partner

Reflect on your love with a list of 10 reasons why you cherish your partner. Celebrate the unique qualities that make them special.

Day 30: Slow dance in the kitchen

Share a tender moment as you slow dance together in the kitchen. Allow the music and intimacy to deepen your connection.

Free 30-Day Couples Challenge Printable

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30 day couples challenge free printable

What’s Next?

Now, take this challenge idea and personalize it, be flexible, and fit it into your budget.

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