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The Best New Mom Care Package: 12 Days of Loving Self-Care

Mom holding baby: postpartum care package ideas on Amazon

A Care Package Your New Mom Will Never Forget!

My sister and I live in different areas, and I was disappointed when I couldn’t see her right before or after having her last baby.

So, inspired by the 12 days of Christmas gift, and how outrageously fun that is to do, I incorporated the same idea for a new mom care package.

12 Days of loving on a new mom!

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How to make a new mom care package: 12 days of love pin

How the New Mommy Care Package Works

For this gift idea, you give mama 12 small gifts in one box or new mom gift basket.

Then, she opens one gift per day after she gives birth. It’s a simple, uplifting treat for twelve days straight.

How to Make the Gift

12 wrapped gifts for my special care package for a new mom

1. Buy what you want (ideas below!)

Now, I bought most of my gifts at Target or Amazon, and I’ll include as many easy links as I can. But items can also be picked up at Walmart, the Dollar Store, or just about anywhere.

2. Write a small description or uplifting statement on a card/notecard to go with each one (I wrote on the back of each card, and my examples are below).

3. Number each card (that is the day she will open the gift).

4. Wrap the gifts and attach the cards to the correct gifts.

The 12 Days Care Package for a New Mom

Next, here’s exactly what I bought and wrote on my cards. Then, read on for other fun ideas.

In the new mom kit: tea, gift card, chocolate, paper plates, and more on Amazon

  1. Chocolate “Doing the hard work of having a baby requires THIS stat!”

2. Bracelet with motivational inscription (She believed she could, so she did.) – “No matter what the situation, the saying in this item rings true.”

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3. Granola bars – “Now that your milk is coming, you’re going to need these!”

(*I knew that my sister was breastfeeding. If your recipient may not breastfeed, write something else!)

4. Pajama shorts “It’s ok to add a little flair to your recovery sleep.”

5. Paper plates and plastic forks – “No cleaning allowed after dinner tonight!”

An inspirational journal is great for the new mom care package

6. Inspirational journal – “Gratitude, dreams, frustrations, or notes. Whatever you use this for, it provides amazing benefit.”

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7. New razor – “I always felt more like myself after I did this. So, use this new one for a little boost.”

8. Nail polish, hand cream, chapstick, face mask “It’s time for a little pampering mama.”

9. Tea – “Make time for an innocent treat today!” See the vanilla bean tea HERE >>

In my new mom care package: pajama shorts, journal, razor, nail polish, and more

10. Dry shampoo – “In case you haven’t been able to do this properly in the last ten days!”

Check the Batiste dry shampoo HERE >>

11. Gift card for coffee – “If you have not left the house yet, do it for this today!”

12. Breathe Mama Breathe book – “And finally, breathe mama. There will be stunningly beautiful moments and painfully hard ones. You know that now. It’s a journey. Love you!”

*See more empowering books for women HERE >>

As you can see, I didn’t write anything fancy! I didn’t even work to make anything rhyme. And you don’t have to do exactly what I did. Below are other excellent suggestions for your new mom kit.

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Additional New Mom Care Package Gifts

other great ideas for the care package for new mom

A Nice Water Bottle

It’s not always easy to stay hydrated when nursing. A nice water bottle will help keep the water flowing!

This bottle is great for motivation >>

A Healthy Meal

Make mom a good hearty meal.

*To include this in the new mom kit, you’ll need to be close enough to drop off the gift and make it for the first day of your 12 days.

Don’t have enough time? Buy a meal, give a restaurant gift card or make a homemade snack or dessert instead.

Wireless Earbuds

wireless earbuds are excellent for the new mom gift basket

Easy to put in earbuds can be a blessing when you’re up and moving around all day with baby.

An Oversized Cardigan

Help mom stay warm, comfy, and be able to put LOTS of things in her pockets.

I love this cardigan HERE >>

A Sleep Mask

Mom’s sleep is going to take a major hit. So, help her relieve her eyes, plus get a few more moments of shut-eye with a sleep mask.

A Useful Gift Card

Give mom the gift of a service that makes her life better. Pay for a one-time house cleaning, a babysitter (or add a coupon to babysit yourself), or throw in a massage gift card.

A Nursing Top

A nursing tops is perfect for the new mom kit

Nursing in public can be a pain. Especially if you’re a new mom and have to nurse often. So, give this easy t-shirt to make mom’s job easier.

Comfy slippers

Next, moms spend a lot of time in their homes right after baby comes. So, a cozy bathrobe or comfy slippers are excellent additions to your new mom care package.


Recovery, breastmilk, or even a “postpartum support” tea are available for mom to sip on.

Gift Card to Instacart

Mom and dad are going to have a hard time getting out of the house for a while. So, look into their local grocery delivery options and pay for a gift card to Instacart or whatever they have available for delivery.

Name Necklace of Baby’s Name

necklace of baby's name: new mom care package

If you know the baby’s name beforehand, add a necklace (or another item) with his or her name on it. All moms love reminders of their new little miracle.

See the necklace HERE >>

An Adult Beverage

Next, if mom enjoys a drink now and then, she’ll love a bottle of wine or beer now that she can partake again.

An Audible Subscription

Give mama the gift of listening to her favorite books. The best part is that it’s all hands-free and can be done while nursing, cuddling with baby, or cleaning up.

Postpartum New Mom Gift Basket Ideas

Mom holding baby: postpartum care package ideas on Amazon

These items help mom’s body recover after birth. If adding them to the care package, I would give them on day one or two, so she can get the most benefit out of them.

The FridaBaby Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit

If you’re looking for an all-in-one recovery kit, this one has you covered. You’ll find disposable underwear, ice maxi absorbency pads, cooling witch hazel pad liners, and perineal medicated healing foam. It’s an 11 piece set.

Individual Recovery Items for Postpartum Care:

To Consider With the New Mommy Care Package

A card at the top of the new mommy care package

Finally, I added a card to the top of everything to explain to mama how to open the gifts.

After, she told me that opening each gift was an exciting part of her day, and something she and her toddler looked forward to enormously.

What will you put in your new mom care package? I’d love to know!

*Still not sure what to get your mama? Leave a comment below, and I’ll try to help brainstorm!

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