125 Best Winter This or That Questions Game (In 2024)

Winter this or that questions is the perfect indoor activity to bond with friends and family during the cold months.

Prepare for a flurry of fun as you dive into these winter-themed questions – there’s snow way you won’t enjoy it!

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How to Play Winter This or That

To play, give a choice between two fun winter-related topics. Then, participants quickly decide which they prefer.

This is a low-pressure and fun game for all ages!

*Read on for game variations and to grab the free printable.

Fun Winter This or That Questions

1. Wet mittens or wet socks?

2. Cold ears or cold hands?

3. Earmuffs or winter hat?

4. Itchy sweater or ugly sweater?

5. Have an icicle beard or a snowflake crown?

6. Gloves or mittens?

7. Slippers or socks?

8. Jeans or yoga pants?

9. Unusually warm December or unusually warm January?

10. January or February? (See Trivia about February)

11. Cozy blanket or fluffy robe?

12. Be home sick with a cold for a day or standing outside in the cold all day?

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13. See a snow leopard or a snowy owl

14. Emperor penguin or polar bear for a pet?

15. Visit Alaska or Hawaii during winter?

16. See the Northern Lights or stay in an Ice hotel?

17. Toasty warm house in the winter or chilly house?

18. Sleep with no pajamas and lots of blankets or heavy pajamas and a sheet only?

19. No snow all winter or snow every day?

20. Have chapped lips or cold hands?

21. Wear socks 24 hours a day or never wear socks?

22. Get snow down your pants when sledding or fall face-first into the snow?

23. No TV all winter or no dessert all winter?

24. Always be cold or always be hot?

25. Snow days stuck at home in winter or extra summer vacation?


Winter Food and Drink This or That

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26. Vegetable soup or chili?

27. Hot cocoa or eggnog?

28. Smores or cookies

29. Roasted marshmallows or unroasted marshmallows

30. Homecooked meal or takeout?

31. Crockpot or instant pot meal?

32. Candy canes or chocolate?

33. Coffee or hot chocolate?

34. Fudge or gingerbread cookies?

35. Hot cider or hot tea?

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36. Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts?

37. Pumpkin or peppermint?

38. Mulled wine or Irish coffee?

39. Make homemade bread or make homemade cinnamon rolls?

40. Chicken noodle soup or tomato soup?

41. Roasted Brussels sprouts or roasted winter squash?

42. Pot roast or meatloaf?

43. Collard greens or kale?

44. Oranges or grapefruits?

45. Apple pie or pecan pie?

46. Green bean casserole or sweet potato casserole?

47. Cranberry muffins or cranberry scones?

48. Mashed potatoes or roasted beets?

49. Hot chocolate with whipped cream or hot chocolate with marshmallows?

50. Beanless chili or meatless chili?

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Best Winter Activities This or That

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51. Build a snowman or go ice skating?

52. Watch the snow falling from inside or be out playing in the snow?

53. Build a snowman or make snow angels?

54. Go skiing or dog sledding?

55. Sit by an indoor fireplace or outdoor firepit?

56. Snowboarding or hot tub?

57. Ice fishing or snowshoeing?

58. Winter camping outdoors or cozy cabin?

59. Curl up on the couch with an inspiring book or binge-watch a series?

60. Try a new hobby or have a family game night?

61. Bubble bath or sauna?

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62. Snowmobing or hiking?

63. Winter hike in the mountains or winter stroll in the city?

64. Puzzle or trivia night?

65. Winter Olympics or Superbowl?

66. Dogsled or bobsled?

67. Make an igloo or gingerbread house?

68. Ice skate or walk?

69. Blanket fort or snow fort?

70. Raking leaves or shoveling snow?

71. Frozen pond or ice arena?

72. Stay home or travel?

73. Luge or speed skating?

74. Cross-country skiing or ski jumping?

75. Frozen or The Polar Express? (Also see Frozen Trivia Quiz and Christmas Movie Trivia Quiz)

76. Ice Age or Happy Feet

77. Cool Runnings or Groundhog Day?

78. Harry Potter movie marathon or holiday movie marathon? (See Harry Potter Trivia Quiz)


Winter Holiday This or That

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76. Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve?

77. Kwanzaa or Mardi Gras? (Check out this Holiday Trivia Quiz)

78. Spend New Year’s Eve at home or in Times Square?

79. Plan an epic Valentine’s Day or spend February doing kind things for your friends/family?

80. Hannukah or Christmas?

81. “Auld Lang Syne” or “Winter Wonderland”

82. Caroling or sleigh ride?

83. Mistletoe or wreath?

84. Santa Clause or Saint Nick?

85. Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

86. Bake holiday treats only or eat holiday treats only?

87. Tell a Christmas knock kock joke or ask a Christmas riddle?

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88. Wear a Rudolph nose or a Santa beard?

89. Go on a Christmas scavenger hunt or read a Christmas picture book?

90. Go Xmas shopping or have family Xmas movie night?

91.  Elf on the Shelf or Christmas Advent Calendar?

92. White lights or colored light?

93. Meaningful traditions or try something new?

94. Holiday party or New Year’s Eve party?

95. Hallmark movies or Netflix?

96. Spend all day in your pajamas or host a holiday celebration?

97. Get presents or take a vacation instead?

98. Listen to classic Christmas carols or modern hits? (Related: Christmas Song Trivia Quiz)

99. “Silent Night” or “O Holy Night”?

100. Only give presents for the holidays or only receive them?

Find more Christmas This or That Questions To Ask and New Year’s Trivia Quiz

Winter Would You Rather Questions

family in the snow

101. Would you rather make your own paper snowflakes or make your own snow globe?

102. Would you rather go snowshoeing up a mountain or take a polar plunge?

103. Would you rather take a long winter nap or go for a long winter walk?

104. Would you rather swim in a heated pool or soak in a natural hot spring?

105. Would you rather make a winter bucket list or plan your New Year’s resolutions?

106. Would you rather create crafts inside or build a snow fort?

107. Would you rather catch snowflakes on your tongue or eat an icicle?

108. Would you rather tell reindeer jokes or snowman jokes?

109. Would you rather leave your Christmas tree up until Valentine’s Day or take it down before the new year?

110. Would you rather attend a football game or a basketball game?

111. Would you rather go for a run outside in the winter or go to a workout class at the gym?

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112. Would you rather live where it is always warm or always cold?

113. Would you rather sled down a huge hill one time or spend all day sledding down a small hill?

114. Would you rather spend all day in your cozy home or go out shopping?

115. Would you rather it be cold but sunny or warmer but cloudy?

116. Would you rather get your tongue stuck to a metal pole for an hour or build a snowman without gloves for an hour?

117. Would you rather meet Olaf or Frosty the Snowman?

118. Would you rather walk to work/school or drive a horse-drawn sleigh?

119. Would you rather make 30 snow angels or 5 snowmen?

120. Would you rather learn how to ice skate on a busy ice rink or learn how to snow ski on a busy mountain?

121. Would you rather take a cold bath every day all winter or only take a warm bath once a week?

122. Would you rather spend the winter in the country or in the city?

123. Would you rather hibernate all winter long or migrate to a warmer spot for the winter?

124. Would you rather put together a 1000-piece puzzle or make a blanket fort?

125. Would you rather play a winter trivia game or have a snowball fight?


Free Winter This or That Questions Printable

Download and print the winter this or that pdf here!

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Winter This or That Game Variations

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Play at Winter Parties

  • Print off the free winter this or that printable. Party-goers can circle their responses.
  • Playing with a large group? Have players go to different areas of the room depending on what they choose.
  • Play with a partner and guess their response. Assign points for each correct guess.

Play at Home

Use the free printable (or ask the questions right from your phone) and incorporate winter this or that at home.

  • At the dinner table
  • Around the fireplace
  • While watching it snow
  • Family night activity

Pro Tip: Print one copy of the free printable and tally the responses of your family members.

Instagram This or That Questions

Use social media to share these winter this or that questions. Prompt friends to respond in the comment section.

Winter-Themed Brain Break

Use these questions in the classroom or during a winter day at home when your kids crave activity.

Instead of saying their answer aloud, kids do an exercise for the this or that winter option they choose.

For example: “No snow at all or snow every day?” Have kids do jumping jacks if they choose no snow at all or hop on one foot if they choose snow every day.

Use the Numbers Questions Game

Use the numbers questions game to play. Players pick a number from the list and answer the corresponding question.

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What’s Next?

Winter this or that questions are engaging and thought-provoking. Spark great conversation this chilly season!

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