125 Fun Valentine’s Day Riddles, Jokes, and Puns (For 2024)

Share funny Valentine’s Day riddles and jokes with friends and family on this sweet day!

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funny Valentine's day riddles, jokes and puns

Use these Valentine’s Day riddles and jokes:

ranking system; question games for kids and adults

Fun Fact: February 14th was chosen to celebrate Valentine’s Day because it was a common belief in France and England that birds started their mating season on this day.

‘What Am I’ Valentine’s Day Riddles

Answer the ‘What am I?’ Valentine’s Day riddles in this section.

1. You can touch me, You can break me, You should win me if you want to be mine. What am I?

A heart

2. I can’t be bought, but I can be stolen without a glance. I’m worthless to one, but priceless to two. What am I?


3. I come in many shapes, many colors and many sizes. I am where you write someone your true feelings. I am almost always flat. What am I?

Valentine’s Day Card

4. Sweet, sour, tart, and sugary, you can see me in every store and pantry. What am I?

Candy (See Candy Trivia)

5. You see me in rainbows, you see me on Valentine’s Day, you see me in a busy street, and my blood turns this color when oxygen and I meet. What am I?

The color red

6. White, dark, round, square, big, or small, I am seen on Valentine’s Day and loved by all. What am I?


7. In a vase, garden, pot or field, these are the homes of this Valentine’s Day symbol. I come in many different colors such a red, pink, white, yellow, and orange. What am I?


8. You’ll find me in a bee, in a comb, and in cakes. What am I?


9. I am the most loving vegetable because I’m all heart. What am I?


10. I am young, romantic, and sometimes shallow. I am named after man’s best friend. What am I?

Puppy love.

11. I can be stolen or given away and you’ll live, but you can’t live without me. What am I?

Your heart

riddles for Valentines day; what am I

12. I am a flower that is kissable. What am I?


13. I travel around the world for Valentine’s Day, but I also just stay in one corner. What am I?

A stamp

14. I have a bow and and arrow, but I am not a hunter. What am I?


15. I’m a nine-letter word and rhyme with perfection; I am yet another name for love. What am I?


16. I am the sweetest and most romantic fruit. What am I?


17. If you’ve got me, you want to share me; if you share me, you haven’t kept me. What am I?

A secret

18. I can be caught but not thrown. What am I?


19. I am endless, and once you have me, you are bound for life. What am I?


20. I connect two people, yet only touch one. What am I?

A wedding ring

21. It is mine, but you can only keep it. What am I?

My heart

22. I have 13 hearts, but not organs. What am I?

A deck of cards

23. I hold your messages on Valentine’s Day. Do you have a secret admirer? Look inside me to discover what they say. What am I?

Valentine’s Day box

24. I am the end of love. What am I?

The letter ‘e’

25. I have married many times, but I have always been single. Who am I?

A priest

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Cute Love Riddles and Puns

Use these love riddles and puns on Valentine’s Day.

Fun Fact: According to IMDb, the #1 most romantic movie is Titanic (source).

red and pink hearts

26. I can make people happy, I can make people cry. I can make people want me, and I can drive people crazy. What am I?

Answer: Love

27. What do you call two Italian ants?

Answer: Romance

28. What did the painter say to his girlfriend?

Answer: I love you with all of my art.

29. What did the paper say to the magnet?

Answer: I find you very attractive.

30. What do the bird couple call each other?

Answer: Tweethearts

31. What’s the most romantic part of the ocean?

Answer: Where the “buoy” meets the “gull”

32. Why did the watermelon and the honeydew have a big wedding?

Answer: Because they cantaloupe.

33. What did one pig say to the other?

Answer: Don’t go bacon my heart!

34. Why should you never date a tennis player?

Answer: Because love means nothing to them.

35. How did the telephone propose to his girlfriend?

Answer: He gave her a ring.

36. Why shouldn’t you fall in love with a pastry chef?

Answer: He’ll dessert you.

37. What did the boat say to the yacht?

Answer: Can I interest you in a little row-mance?

love riddles for him and her; romantic with answers; for adults; cute love puns

38. What does a vampire call his lady friend?

Answer: His ghoulfriend

39. How did the pickle confess his love to the sandwich?

Answer: You mean a great dill to me.

40. How did I know my new partner works at the zoo before they told me?

Answer: Right away I could tell they were a keeper!

41. What can fill up a room but takes up no space?

Answer: Love

42. How can you tell when a wedding is emotional?

Answer: The cake is in tiers.

43. Where do rabbits go after their wedding?

Answer: On a bunnymoon

44. What did one light bulb say to the other light bulb?

Answer: I love you a whole watt.

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45. How do French chefs make you love them?

Answer: They butter you up!

46. Why did the couple end up in prison?

Answer: They stole each other’s heart.

47. Why did the notebook marry the pencil?

Answer: She finally found Mr. Write.

48. What do you call two young married spiders?

Answer: Newlywebs

49. Why did the woman fall for Dracula so quickly?

Answer: It was love at first bite.

50. What did the hamburger buy his sweetheart?

Answer: An onion ring

51. What is Cupid’s favorite band?

Answer: Kiss


Fun Valentine’s Day Picture Puzzles

Use the pictures to figure out the Valentine’s Day brain teasers and riddles below.


picture puzzles

I love you to the moon and back.

Valentine's Day brain teasers; puzzles; math riddles

Falling in love

Top secret

Secret Admirer

A dozen red roses

Broken heart

Head over heels in love

Valentine's Day picture riddles; rebus puzzles; for students; game

Box of chocolates

Missing you


On cloud nine

Bee’s knees

You make my heart beat faster.

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Sweet Candy Riddles and Jokes

I won’t sugarcoat it, these Valentine’s Day candy jokes and riddles are pretty sweet!

Fun Fact: Before it was a sweet treat, candy was mainly used as medicine.

red, pink, and white hearts

65. What do you call sweets that keep a beat?

Answer: Candy rappers

66. What type of Valentine’s candy is never on time?

Answer: Choco-late

67. How can the word candy be spelled with 2 letters?

Answer: C and y

68. What do you call a crab that doesn’t share his Valentine’s candy?

Answer: A Selfish Shellfish

69. What kind of bars won’t keep a prisoner in jail?

Answer: Chocolate bars

70. What candy do you eat on the playground?

Answer: Recess Pieces

70. What did the boy candy say to the girl candy?

Answer: You’re sweet

71. Why did the M&M go to college?

Answer: He wanted to be a Smartie.

72. What is the funniest type of taffy?

Answer: Laffy Taffy

73. What country did candy come from?

Answer: Sweeten

74. What do you call chocolate that was stolen?

Answer: Hot chocolate

candy riddles and jokes; cute riddles for your crush on Valentines Day

75. What Valentine’s candy likes to talk a lot?

Answer: Conversation hearts

76. What candy do girls love the most?

Answer: Hershey’s

77. What did the dove chocolate say to the other chocolate?

Answer: It made Promises.

78. What kind of beans don’t grow in a garden?

Answer: Jelly beans

79. What is a candy’s favorite board game?

Answer: Candy Land

80. What do you call a candy that can sing and dance?

Answer: A sweet tart!

81. Knock knock

Who’s there?


Wanda who?

Wanda piece of Valentine’s Day candy?

82. Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Butter who?

Butter be quick, or all the Valentine’s candy will be gone!

83. Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Philip who?

Philip the candy bowl. It’s empty!

84. Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Carmen who?

Carmen get some candy! It’s Valentine’s Day!

85. Knock knock!

Who’s there?


Orange who?

Orange you glad I brought you some Valentine’s candy!

86. What do you call a bear with no teeth?

Answer: A gummy bear!

87. What do you call a candy that sings?

Answer: A POP star!

88. What is a car called that is covered in chocolate and hazelnuts?

Answer: Ferrari Rocher


Funny Valentine Jokes and Puns for Kids

Fun Fact: St. Valentine is the unofficial patron saint of love.

dog with rose and heart glasses and making peace signs

89. What do farmers give on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Hogs and kisses

90. Did Adam and Eve ever have a date?

Answer: No, but they had an apple!

91. What did the rabbit’s friend say when it got a Valentine’s Day card?

Answer: Looks like some bunny loves you!

92. What did the bird ask the bat on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Can I hang with you?

93. Why did the shoe marry the sock?

Answer: Because they made the perfect pair!

94. What do you call a group of musical whales in love?

Answer: An orca-stra

95. What did one volcano say to the other?

Answer: I lava you!

96. What do you call a love story between coffee and cream?

Answer: A latte love

97. What do you call a fish that’s in love?

Answer: Hooked

98. What did the stamp say to the envelope?

Answer: I’m stuck on you!

99. What did the banana say to the orange?

Answer: You’re so a-peeling to me!

100. Why did the ice cream break up with the cone?

Answer: It found someone cooler.

funny Valentine's day jokes for kids; puns; one liners

101. What do you call a Valentine’s Day card from a tree?

Answer: A sappy message.

102. What did the scientist say to her Valentine?

Answer: I think of you periodically.

103. What did one cat say to the other cat on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: You’re purr-fect.

104. Do you have a date for Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Yes, it’s February 14th.

105. Who always has a date on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: A calendar.

106. What did the tortoise say on Valentine’s Day?

Answer: I turt-ally love you.

107. What Valentine’s message can you find in a honeycomb?

Answer: Bee mine.

108. Do skunks celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Answer: Sure, they’re very scent-imental.

109. What did the man with the broken leg say to his Valentine?

Answer: I have a crutch on you.

110. What did the squirrel say to his crush?

Answer: I’m nuts about you!

111. What did one watermelon say to the other?

Answer: You’re one in a melon!

112. What did the ghost say to his Valentine?

Answer: You look so BOOtiful.

113. Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Bea who?

Bea my Valentine!

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February Riddles and Jokes

Fun Fact: The Saxons called February “Solmonath” which means “cake month”. They would offer cakes to the gods during February.

February calendar and candy

114. Can February March?

Answer: No, but April May.

115. Why did the man get fired from the calendar factory?

Answer: He took a few days off in February thinking nobody would notice.

116. What’s the difference between a $20 steak and a $55 steak?

Answer: February 14th

117. Why should February 10th be National Fart Day?

Answer: Because it’s 2/10.

118. What do you call a frog born on February 29th?

Answer: Leap frog.

119. What happens when February feels like it will last forever?

Answer: Time Marches on.

120. What do athletes wear on Leap Day?

Answer: Jumpsuits

121. Where do most people eat on Leap Day?

Answer: IHOP

122. What kind of music do you listen to on Leap Day?

Answer: Hip Hop.

123. What month gets the worst grades?

Answer: F-ebruary

124. What month has 28 days?

Answer: Every month!

125. What month is the best for coffee?

Answer: Feb-brew-ary

Bonus February joke: What month is the best to tell a lie?

Answer: Fib-ruary

February and Valentine's Day riddles and jokes for kids and adults

More Fun Valentine’s Day Ideas

After you finish these riddles, complete your Valentine’s Day with these simple games and ideas.

Play Valentine’s Day Charades

Grab the free ideas printable and have fun acting out Valentine’s Day Charades!

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Would You Rather for Valentine’s Day

Would you Rather Valentine’s Edition will always be a hit with everyone! Grab the free printable or read the questions right from your phone.

would you rather free printable Valentine's Day edition

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Creative Valentine’s Activities To Make It Special

It doesn’t have to be hard! Connect with your family with these easy and great Valentine’s Day activities.

Plan a fun Valentine’s date at home with your partner!

Valentine’s Day Trivia

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More Jokes and Riddles

Laughter is the best medicine AND Valentine’s Day riddles are a great way to connect with friends and family.

Use more jokes and riddles for Valentine’s Day fun:

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