110 Fun Valentine’s Day Charades Game Ideas + Free Printable

Valentine’s Day charades game ideas will get you moving, giggling, and showing love to your family in a new, exciting way.

Wear your heart on your sleeve and spread the love – through hilarious gestures!

I dare you to do this game without laughing!

Valentines day charades game free printable

How to Play Valentines Day Charades

1. Download, print, and cut out the free cards at the bottom of this post. Or write your favorite Valentine’s Day charades words on strips of paper. Put them in a bowl or hat.

2. Use a dry-erase board or paper to keep score. Designate a scorekeeper.

3. Split into two teams. Decide on hilarious team names (“Cupid’s Crush”).

4. Play! A player from each team draws a card and has one minute to act out their word. If their team guesses correctly in that time, they get a point. In the end, the team with the most points wins!

Funny Valentine’s Day Charades Ideas

First, these themed charades words will get everyone laughing.

kissing booth for the frog prince

1. Head over heels

2. Kissing a frog

3. Love at first sight

4. Giant stuffed teddy bear

5. Heartthrob

6. Awkward first date

7. Broken heart

8. Lovestruck (or lovesick)

9. Valentine’s Day card that plays music

10. Proposal

11. Cheesy pickup line

12. Bow and arrow

13. Not having a reservation on Valentine’s Day

14. Smooch

15. Peanut butter and jelly (you’re the peanut butter to my jelly 😉)

16. Knight in shining armor

17. Drinking a love potion

18. Blind date disaster

19. Eating too much chocolate

20. Secret admirer

21. Prince Charming

22. Puppy love

23. Love is blind

24. Finding out that your partner forgot Valentine’s Day

25. Love is in the air


Easy Valentine Charades For Kids

Got kids playing? Use these Valentines Day charades for friends and family with young ones.

funny and easy Valentines day charades ideas and words list for kids

26. Cupid

27. Friendship

28. A big hug

29. Diamond ring

30. Valentine’s Day card

31. Balloons

32. Romance

33. Sweetheart

34. Smiley face

35. Butterfly

36. Having a crush

37. Red

38. Lovebug

39. Flowers

40. Wedding

41. Candlelit dinner

42. Love letter

43. Date

44. Cuddle up on the couch

45. Love notes (See free kids love notes printables)

46. I love you (See best reasons why I love you printable)

47. Heartbeat

48. Gift

49. Slow dance

50. Heart


Good Food Ideas List

Next, These Valentine’s Day charades all have to do with your favorite romantic foods!

food pictionary game phrases

51. Chocolate-covered strawberries

52. Box of chocolates

53. Heart shaped pizza

54. Candy conversation hearts

55. Hershey’s kisses

56. Sharing pasta (Think Lady and the Tramp)

57. Chocolate rose

58. Lobster

59. Berries

60. Oysters

61. Truffles

62. Red velvet cake

63. Honey

64. Shrimp cocktail

65. Cheesecake

66. Steak

67. Cupcakes

68. Peaches

69. Fondue

70. Wine (for adults)

71. Champagne bubbles (for adults)

72. Chocolate sauce

73. Tiramisu

74. Caviar

75. Whipped cream


You’re the icing on my cupcake of love.

Hard Valentine’s Day Word List For Adults

Next, these festive love charade ideas will get you thinking.

76. Classical music

77. Love birds

78. February 14th (related: February Trivia)

79. Soulmate

80. Heart locket

81. Romeo

82. All is fair in love and war

83. Love song

84. Labor of love

85. Red roses

86. Queen of hearts

87. All you need is love

88. Tough love

89. Will you be my Valentine?

90. Passion

91. Rom Com

92. Spread the love

93. One-sided love (unrequited love)

94. Love bite

95. Waltz

96. Cloud nine

97. Whispering sweet nothings

98. PDA (public displays of affection)

99. XOXO

100. Dating two people at once


Valentines Day Movies Charades Ideas

Valentines Day movies charades for kids and adults

101. Beauty and the Beast

102. The Princess Bride

103. Tangled

104. The Princess and the Frog

105. Shrek

106. Elemental

107. In the Heights

108. Lady and the Tramp

109. Cinderella

110. Frozen (See Frozen Trivia)

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Fun Charade Clues to Make It Easier

Stuck on a word or phrase? No problem! Use these clues to help your teammates.

  • Number of words- If your Valentine’s Day charade phrase has multiple words, hold up the number with your fingers. For example, for “dating two people at once” you hold up four fingers. Then, you can point to the finger you are acting out.
  • Rhyming word- tap your ear for “sounds like”.
  • Movie- Place one hand in a circle over your eye and then crank your other hand around in a circle like a movie camera.
  • Song- Pretend to sing or wave your hands like you are directing music.
  • Well-known saying – make air quotes.

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Free Printable Valentine’s Day Charades

free game printable clues for Valentines day charades

*You can use these cards for Pictionary or Catchphrase too!

For 50 fun charade cards, use code LOVE1 at checkout to grab it at $2.00 off >>

Full Valentines Day charades pdf for gestures and pictionary, how to play

10 Funny Valentine Team Names

Don’t forget to pick a hilarious team name!

1. Hearts on Our Sleeves

2. Awkward Kiss-In-Tellers

3. Raging Romantics

4. Sassy Sweethearts

5. Love Conquers All

6. Cheesy Love Crew

7. Cupid’s Crush

8. Love Bite Lunatics

9. Kiss My Sass

10. Love Nesters

What’s Next?

There are so many more fun things to do on Valentine’s Day! Check out these other great activities.

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