11 Creative Valentine’s Day Activities for Your Family

Valentine’s Day Activities to Bring Your Family Together

Often, we lose ourselves in the mundane of our daily lives. We jump from one activity to the next. Then, one day bleeds into another, and we forget how important it is to connect.

Valentine’s Day activities with our family are a way to solve this. Annual holidays give us a chance to slow down, enjoy our loved ones, and remember what truly matters.

Valentine's Day Activities

Plus, they are another handy tool in the mom toolbox to help us live intentional lives!

So, check out some of our family favorites and other great Valentine’s Day activities to add to the mix!

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Traditions Your Family Will Love

1. Love You Hearts on the Door

Valentine's Day activities, hearts on the door

There are many different variations you can do for this.

1. On February 1st, mom (or dad) starts the month by putting a paper heart on the kids’ doors saying one thing she/he loves about them. Then, every morning until Valentine’s Day, the kids wake up to a new heart.

2. Make it easier, and do “love you hearts” from the kids or everyone in the family. The tradition can also be done on just Valentine’s Day, instead of multiple days.

<<Find easy free heart templates HERE >>

3. Or if you’re low on time or energy, print and cut the love notes below for your kids!

free little love notes for kids

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2. Candlelight Meal

For another idea, prepare a simple but fancy candlelight Valentine’s Day dinner as a family. Bring out the china, candlesticks, and cheap decorations if you have them. Then, splurge on a few indulgent food choices.

When I was a kid, we had crab legs every Valentine’s Day. It was the one day of the year we knew it would be a special seafood dinner. And it created fond memories!

You could also finish the meal with a simple card or gift for the kids, but the meal itself is what’s special.

3. An Interesting Dinner Guest

We have a unique Valentine’s Day tradition in our home. You see, “Mr. Mustache” appears at dinner every year. Essentially, mom puts on a pink mustache and pretends to be a “very important person.” Uncontrollable giggling ensues.

This was not a planned tradition, but sometimes the spontaneous ones are the best! As a bonus, they see mom being playful which is not always my strongest trait.

*Use this free scavenger hunt for St. Patrick’s Day to continue the playfulness into March! They’ll love searching for their hidden treasure!

4. A Special Date

Valentine's day date for Valentine's day activities

This one is for the grown-ups!

Hubby and I love to do a Splurge Date around Valentine’s Day. It gives us a fun framework for little indulgences whether we’re able to get out or not.

Purchase new books, an outfit for the evening, special ice cream, silky sheets, a fun bedroom game, etc. These are all small purchases that make the night feel special but don’t break the bank.

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5. The Love Journal

For this idea, say or write down in a “love” journal one thing you love about each person in the family.

Typically, the journal gets passed around at dinner. If you keep it from year to year to look at, it’s sure to make every person in the family feel like a million bucks.

6. Heart Pizza

Need a super simple Valentine’s Day activity for your family?

Have no fear! Almost every pizza place offers heart pizzas, or you make your own! If you need a low-effort idea, this is one simple thing to make the day feel special.

7. Red Food

Valentine's day red food

I’m not an advocate of adding food coloring to everything, but I love the idea of celebrating with colored food. So, enjoy pancakes with strawberries on February 14th, or eat:

  • raspberries
  • pasta sauce
  • red grapes
  • beets
  • a strawberry smoothie

8. Love Counting

Who wouldn’t love something telling all the ways you love them?

Create a book or sign that says “10 things I love about…” and hang it on your kids’ or spouse’s doors. It’s a very simple, free way to spread love and kindness!

9. Nature Cards

Next, make a card out of nature. Turn twigs and pinecones into a big heart and take a picture for a Valentine’s card your recipients won’t forget.

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10. Late Christmas Cards

Be different!

Send your Christmas cards out for Valentine’s Day instead! My friend skips the Christmas card tradition in favor of a family card that goes out on Valentine’s Day. It seems more relaxing, right?!

11. Special Valentine’s School Lunch

Finally, pack a special Valentine’s Day lunch. Prepare a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a heart cut out of one bread (so the red jelly shows through).

Then, follow this up with heart-shaped cheese, heart strawberries, and red (beet) crackers. It’s simple, but fun!

Bonus FREE Vday Activities:

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Now, Pick a FEW

Sometimes, it’s easy to add more and more activities (because they’re fun-loving and cool!). But really, a few family activities for each holiday are plenty.

We want the kids to remember the special ones later on. Not more, but better. We have enough stress in our lives, and this should not add to it.

Something to Consider with Vday Activities

Finally, it’s worth it to reflect on our traditions.

A few years ago, I tried a tradition that we found fun. But afterward, I realized that it didn’t match up with our values or family personality.

Our families evolve and then so do our traditions. So, it’s ok to change a tradition that doesn’t work anymore.

What are your favorite Valentine’s Day activities with your family? I would love to hear what works for you!

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  1. I love the I love you hearts idea. We actually did this one year where the kids came up with an I love you heart every day for Daddy. I want to do it again this year but make it into a gift to give him on the day. We usually get the kids a little gift the morning of Valentine’s Day and then have heart pizza for dinner. I also like to pack a Valentine’s lunch for the kids. Last year it was a PB&J sandwich with a heart cut out of one piece of the bread so the strawberry jelly showed through, cheese slices cut out as hearts, heart strawberries, and red crackers (beet crackers). We also really enjoy planning and making all the valentines for the kids at school.

    1. These are awesome ideas! I never thought about having the kids do the hearts for dad! I also really love the lunch idea. I need to find a heart cookie cutter now! Thanks for sharing!

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