100 Fun Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions & Answers

Do you know how Valentine’s Day came to be? What Americans spend the most money on? Or why it’s such an iconic holiday?

It’s time to find out! Dig into this fun Valentine’s Day Trivia quiz for clever questions and answers. You’ll be giving yourself a feel-good boost, lowering stress, and working your mind too.

Easy Valentine’s Trivia Questions

First, try this easy Valentine’s Day trivia to get you warmed up!

Valentine trivia questions and answers quiz for Valentine's Day

1. What is the most popular flower to give on Valentine’s Day?


2. 69% of roses sent are what color?


3. Who is the unofficial patron saint of love?

St. Valentine

Easy Valentine's Day trivia questions for elementary students and kids

4. What is the name of the winged child that shoots arrows to make people fall in love?


5. What day is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

February 14

6. What two items are the classic Valentine’s Day gift?

Flowers and chocolate

7. The most popular Valentine’s Day activity is?

Going out to dinner

8. Other than chocolate and flowers, what is the most popular (and expensive) gift option?


9. What culturally new holiday is celebrated on February 13th to celebrate non-romantic relationships?

Galentine’s Day

Kids Valentine Trivia

This Valentine’s Day Trivia for families with have everyone guessing and laughing!

stuffy bear

10. What two colors are associated with Valentine’s Day?

Pink and red

11. Valentine’s Day is the celebration of:


12. Which shape is the symbol of Valentine’s Day?


13. True or False: Valentines are only for people you are married to.

False. They can be for any family member, friends, or even pets!

14. Do you know what the two most popular Valentine’s candies are?

Chocolates and Conversation Hearts

15. What goes inside a Valentine’s Box?


Valentine's Day trivia questions for kids and families

16. True or False: Valentine’s Boxes all have to look the same


17. Fill in the blank: Be ______


18. Do you know what the meaning of X and O is in “XOXO”?

X is for kisses and O is for hugs

19. Who receives the most Valentine’s Day cards?


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St. Valentine Trivia Quiz

Next, these Valentine’s day trivia questions help us understand the person the holiday is named after.

cards, letters, gifts

20. True or False: the saint that inspired the holiday may have been based on two different people


21. The most recognized St. Valentine was a priest who helped people do what?

Get married (this was against the “law” at this time because the emperor felt that single men made better soldiers)

22. The other legend is that Valentine helped prisoners do what?


23. Valentine was sent to death by which emperor?

Claudius II

24. St. Valentine is the saint of love and marriage, but also what?

 Beekeeping and epilepsy

25. True or False: there is more than one St. Valentine

True (there are approximately a dozen other recognized St. Valentine’s!)

26. According to legend, “from your valentine” originates from what?

A letter he wrote and signed “from your Valentine”

Hard Valentine’s Trivia Questions

Next, this Valentine’s Day Trivia quiz may stump a few of you!

mug of tea, love

27. According to myth, which two gods was Cupid the son of?

Mercury (the winged messenger god) and Venus (the god of love)

28. The first Valentine’s Day box of chocolates was created by who: Richard Cadbury or Milton Hershey?

Richard Cadbury

29. Valentine’s Day is believed to have roots in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia. This festival is a celebration of what?


30. This English poet may have invented the specific day Valentine’s Day is celebrated on:

Geoffrey Chaucer

31. How much money is spent each year on Valentine’s Day?

$21 Billion 

32. What is the traditional gift for a person’s 10 year anniversary?

Tin or aluminum

Random Valentine’s Day Trivia


33. Cupid’s name in Greek mythology is?


34. True or False: Men purchase the majority of Valentine’s Day cards

False (Women purchase approx 85% of valentines)

35. True or False: Women spend more money on Valentine’s gifts

False (Men spend more money on gifts & activities)

36. What 7 countries celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Australia, Denmark, & Italy

37. Valentine’s Day is the second largest card-selling holiday of the year behind which other holiday?

Christmas (See Christmas trivia)

38. Which is more popular: Handwritten cards or printed cards?

Printed cards

39. Hallmark began offering Valentine’s Day cards in what year?


random Valentine's day trivia facts and questions quiz

40. True or False: Hallmark is the biggest producer of greeting cards


41. What U.S. state produces the most roses to purchase for Valentine’s Day?


42. Which decorative item used on Valentine’s Day means “to snare or net”?


43. Why was February 14th chosen as the date to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

It was a common belief in France and England that birds started their mating season on February 14th.

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Love Trivia Questions and Answers


44. What animal do you kiss to turn it into a prince?

A frog

45. What fruit is also known as the ‘love apple” because of its shape and were once thought to be an aphrodisiac?


46. Venus is the goddess of _____


47. Who are Shakespeare’s “star crossed lovers”?

Romeo and Juliet

48. How many marriages take place in the United States each year?

2 million (6,000 each day!)

49. True or False: A Rabbi invented speed dating


50. How many online dating services are in the U.S?


Valentine's Day love trivia questions and answers for couples

51. What’s the most popular online dating app in the U.S.?


52. What is the most popular way to meet someone?

Through friends

53. People get married the youngest in which U.S. state?


54. True or False: More people are single now than in the 1950’s.


55. Between what two holidays is the most popular time to get engaged?

Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day

56. Dom Pierre Pérignon, a French monk, invented this romantic drink.

Champagne (See New Year’s Trivia for more interesting bits on champagne!)

57. What U.S city is known for its wedding chapels and Elvis impersonating officiants?

Las Vegas

59. What is the traditional first year anniversary gift?


60. What is the average cost of an engagement ring?


61. Babies who were conceived on Valentine’s Day will most likely be born in one of these two months

October or November

62. Does kissing increase or decrease someone’s heartbeat?

Increase! By 100 beats per minute or more

Romantic Movie Trivia

couple sitting on the couch watching a movie

63. What is the #1 most romantic movie according to IMDB?


64. Meg Ryans and Tom Hanks play romantic interests in what two popular movies?

Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail

65. This popular movie is based on a Nicholas Spark romance novel that includes the past and present.

The Notebook

66. How many first dates does Adam Sandler’s character, Henry, have to take Lucy on because of her short-term memory loss?

50 (First Dates)

66. The movie, Letters to Juliet, is set in what Italian city?


67. True or False: Casablanca has a happy ending?


68. How many days does it take to lose a guy?

10 (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days)

69. This romantic comedy includes a pushy boss forcing her assistant to marry her so she isn’t deported to Canada

The Proposal

70. How many weddings has Maggie Carpenter had in Runaway Bride?


71. What movie is this quote from? “You have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.”

Pride and Prejudice

72. In what Disney movie does a prince’s kiss wake a woman?

Sleeping Beauty

73. In this romantic Disney movie, the woman leaves her tower. Through unlikely adventures, and really long hair, the couple finds love.


74. In what Disney movie do the main romantic characters become frogs, and go on a search for a woman to kiss the prince?

The Princess and the Frog

Popular Love Stories

love stories and couples Valentine's Day trivia quiz

75. What is the most tragic love story in literature?

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

76. Darcy and Elizabeth are romantic characters in this beloved Jane Austen novel.

Pride and Prejudice

77. American movie star, Grace Kelly, left Hollywood at the height of her career to marry who?

Prince Rainier of Monaco

78. The true love story of Cleopatra and Mark Antony takes place in what country?


79. One of the best-known stories in Arthurian Legend includes the love story of these two characters:

Lancelot and Gwenevere

80. Which modern royal couple famously stepped away from their palace life and royal duties?

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle (the Duke and Duchess of Sussex)

*Don’t miss great literature trivia!

Historical Valentine’s Day Trivia

happy sign

81. In what year was the first known Valentine’s Day card sent?


82. Where was the first known Valentine’s Day card written?

In prison

83. The prisoner, the Duke of Orleans, sent the card to his:


84. In the United States, Valentine’s day cards became popular after which war?

Revolutionary War (when people took up the habit of writing handwritten letters to their family and friends)

85. What year was February 14 first declared as Valentine’s Day?


86. True or False: Valentine’s day has roots in both Christian and Ancient Roman traditions


87. Who is the “Mother of the American Valentine”?

 Esther A. Howland

88. Why is she named this?

For the artistry of her Valentine’s Day card designs and her success in commercializing them as sentimental offerings. Her cards are still cherished by collectors today.

89. Before Esther, mean-spirit Valentine’s cards were common. What were these called?


90. In medieval times, which internal organ was thought to cause love?

The liver

91. True or false: In Victorian times, it was bad luck to sign a Valentine’s Day card.


Multiple Choice Valentine’s Day Trivia

roses and candies

92. How many Valentine’s Day cards are given each year?

a. 1 million

b. 1 billion

c. 300 million

d. 5 billion

Answer: B 1 billion

93. How many heart-shaped chocolate boxes are sold for Valentine’s Day?

a. 35 million

b. 1 billion

c. 300 million

d. 1 million

Answer: A 35 million

94. Which country calls Valentine’s Day “Friends Day” instead?

a. England

b. Finland

c. Poland

d. Brazil

Answer: B Finland

95. What brain chemical is known to give you “love” type feelings

a. dopamine

b. cortisol

c. serotonin

d. oxytocin

Answer: D oxytocin

Multiple choice Valentine's Day trivia quiz questions

96. Which U.S. state produces the most red roses for Valentine’s Day?

a. California

b. Florida

c. Georgia

d. Washington

Answer: A California

97. What major invention was actually patented on Valentine’s Day?

a. the television

b. the telephone

c. the lightbulb

d. the computer

Answer: B the telephone

98. How much money do Americans spend on jewelry for Valentine’s Day?

a. 20 million

b. 1 billion

c. 300 million

d. 20 billion

Answer: D 20 billion

99. Of the popular Valentine’s Day items, which of these is bought most often….

a. candy

b. greeting cards

c. flowers

d. jewelry

Answer: A candy

(*check out these creative ways to say “I love you” or give this 10 reasons I love you printable to be different this year!)

Valentine trivia questions and answers multiple choice

100. Which color rose signifies joy and friendship?

a. white

b. purple

c. blue

d. yellow

Answer: D yellow

To Consider With Valentine’s Day Trivia

We hope you enjoyed these Valentine’s Day trivia questions as much as we did. If you think we’re missing anything about the day, leave a comment below and let us know!

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