Free August Calendar Printable 2024: Organize for Back to School

Hi there mama! It’s time to clean out, organize, and get ready for a great school year ahead!

Today, I have an August calendar printable that’s divided into easy-to-do chunks to make this transition as easy as possible. I explain each day of the challenge below. Most will be quick and painless ways to get back on track after a summer of fun and relaxation.

And when you’re done? Watch out world! Your whole family will be streamlined and ready to accomplish those big school, home, and work goals!

Month of August calendar to organize for back to school

*Don’t miss getting the calendar + a blank printable to customize your own at the end!

Day 1: Organize School Supplies

August calendar printable pin

Have you picked up school supplies for the kids yet? If not, make this the official school supply day, and celebrate with a lunch out or picnic to make it special for everyone.

Once all of your goodies are on your dining room table, separate, label, and organize so that everything is ready to go for the first day of school.

Now, doesn’t it feel good to get that out of the way early?

Day 2: Organize the Pantry

Similar to the first day, we’re now taking stock of what we have in the pantry! Mark down anything that needs to be used up, get rid of what’s too old, and organize it to make cooking a whole lot easier in the next month or two.

Day 3: Make/Organize Your Homework Station

August organization calendar printable, make a homework station

As the kids have grown, I’ve realized that it’s NECESSARY to have an area of supplies that my kids can use easily. I bought these cheap containers in the Target dollar store section and we’ve been using them for years. Today, create or organize yours!

Day 4. Set up a Morning Routine

What do you expect your kids to be able to do before school every morning? If they are young, this may be changing clothes, eating breakfast, and brushing teeth. If they are older, there’s obviously a bit more.

Either way, NOW is the time to start thinking about your ideal morning routine. Will one or both parents be home? How will the kids get to school? What time will they need to wake up? What can YOU do to start the day well for yourself?

We will do more later, but today the planning begins!

Helpful Resources:

Day 5. Make a Dedicated Space for School

make a dedicated space for school, August month calendar printable

Today is the day you organize your house to make it most conducive to the school year schedule.

Here are the areas/systems to think about when setting up the house:

  • Where will the backpacks be kept? Is it a spot the kids can get to easily?
  • Where will they be doing homework? Do they have easy access to supplies? Where will you keep the papers that need to be returned to school? (See days 4 and day 11 for help here)
  • Where will the lunch boxes be kept?
  • If the kids are expected to get and put away their breakfast, do they have easy access to be able to do this?
  • Do you know where you will put their take-home papers? (I created a folder for the kids to put their papers into until I was ready to go through them. I could not keep up!)
  • Do you have somewhere to display “the special papers”? Are you keeping any long-term for when they are older? Where will those go?

Day 6: Clean Out the Freezer

Next, go through the freezer and take note on a piece of paper of what needs to be used up. Throw out anything that has been in there for too long and re-arrange to make room for some simple freezer meals you’ll be making this month to make life easier.

Day 7: Catch Up & Rest

In life, not everything goes as planned. So, this day is for catching up on anything that didn’t get done or resting after a week of doing some serious cleanout and set up.

Day 8: Start Earlier Bedtimes

Often, in the summertime, rules and bedtimes slide a bit. I know they do here!

So, on this day, simply get the kids to bed a little bit earlier. If they are way off of their school year bedtime, then start small. Try 15 minute increments until they are back on schedule. And if it helps, wake them up a little earlier in the mornings to get them used to what it’s going to be like.

Day 9: Set Up Chore Chart / Allowance System

chore chart template printable for kids

First, pop over here to grab my free kids chore chart template. Then, assign a task for each child each day of the week (or weekday).

Our includes:

  • Emptying the dishwasher
  • Picking up the living room
  • Picking up the front and back entry way
  • Clearing the counter
  • Sweeping or vacuuming

You can find more ideas here. We make our chore chart part of the routine checklist and tie it to friends and screen time. If you’re looking to start an allowance system with the kids, this is a great day to set it up too!

Day 10: Practice School Checklists/Expectations

daily routine chart printable for kids

On day 4 you decided on your morning routine. Now, it’s time to make your expectations SUPER clear to the kids. I like to make a checklist (find one here for FREE) and put it on a clipboard on the fridge. Once yours is set up, have the kids practice today!

Pro Tip: We also put their important papers that need to be returned to school on the clipboards under the checklist. It keeps them off the counter!

Helpful Link: The Kids Morning Routine Chart

For more easy-to-use routine and organization tools (plus multiple kids routine charts and blank templates), check out my kids routine pack!

kids routine pack

Day 11: Get & Put Together Teacher Gifts

Next on the August calendar printable: it’s a good icebreaker for the kids to have something for their teacher on the first day of school. If you haven’t yet, pick up a young plant, nice pens, or simple gift card and have the kids make a card today.

*This free teacher appreciation printable has a few ideas too!

12. Do Back to School Traditions

best back to school traditions for kids and family: breakfast fun

Now, the first day of school is different for everyone, so move this day around accordingly!

There are many fun things you can do to celebrate the incoming school year. Get everyone excited! My family LOVES our quick and easy back-to-school breakfast. Find an awesome list of back to school traditions >

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13. Freeze Back to School Lunches

August month calendar printable: prep back to school lunches

Making lunches for school becomes a dreaded chore when the school year starts. We combat this with a variety of lunches the kids can pull from the freezer for at least a month into the year.

Today is the day to make however much you want!

Examples include:

  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (put the jelly between two layers of pb)
  • Turkey and cheese sandwiches (leave the mayo and lettuce for the morning of)
  • Freezer mini pizzas (sauce, cheese, and veggies toasted on a piece of pita bread)
  • Quesadillas

For more, see this post of 7 school freezer lunches you can make ahead.

Day 14: Catch Up & Rest

Good work friend! Your future self is going to thank you!!!

Today, take a break or catch up on anything that didn’t get finished from the last week.

Day 15: Schedule 3 Goals for the Week

This is for mama, but it could also be for the kids.

What are your top three priorities for the week? Take a few moments today to schedule them in your planner, write them where you will repeatedly see them, and set a reminder in your phone if you need to. We’re making it an incredibly intentional week!

Day 16: Write the School Year Calendar & Events

For this day, pull up the kids’ school calendar and mark it down in your family calendar. We keep a big dry erase monthly calendar on our fridge and a long-term one in the phone. Do what works for you!

Some other things to mark down:

  • Fall/winter birthdays, holidays, and weddings
  • Kids activities
  • Time off of work
  • Travel you know is coming up (perhaps today is the day to plan that travel as you’re looking at days off of school and work)

Set reminders NOW for anything you know you’ll want to remember as the event gets closer.

Day 17: Prep Back to School Breakfasts

Alright, you made room, and now it’s time to add to that freezer and pantry! Here’s the big question in my home:

What can my kids eat for weekday breakfasts that is healthy AND doesn’t require my help?

prep back to school breakfast, August month calendar printable

Here’s what I tend to come up with:

  • Granola, oatmeal, or cheerios
  • Banana and peanut butter tortilla roll-ups
  • Yogurt
  • Hardboiled eggs
  • Freezer items I make ahead

Now, the trick is to make these options available to them! First, make a note of dry and cold stuff to buy that’s easy for them to grab. (You can save purchasing this for day 19 if you want).

Then, make one or two freezer options that they’ll love. I make a batch of granola, egg or real muffins, freezer sandwiches, or breakfast burritos.

Find how to make them and other breakfast ideas. You don’t have to go crazy, but a few items in the freezer will be helpful when you need a morale boost or are running low on other items!

Day 18: Create a Snack/Lunch Drawer for Easy Grabbing

back to school checklist for parents of elementary, high school, college, 6th, 7th, 8th grade

Today on the August calendar printable, put together a snack basket in the pantry for the kids! Then, make a list of easy and healthy snacks that the kids can get without having to dig around and ask you. (*You can buy what you need tomorrow)

Items include:

  • Boxes of raisins
  • Dried fruit
  • Nut bars or other granola bars
  • Apple chips

For more ideas, check out this list of healthy snacks. And if you’re loving this idea, take it a step further and create a “snack drawer” in your fridge as well!

Day 19: Stock Up On Supplies

Today, make a big grocery run and stock the pantry and fridge for the fall/winter ahead.

Buy any items needed from the last 20 days of the August calendar printable and that you KNOW you’ll eat or use. You’ll be happy to have plenty of supplies on hand when things get busy and time is of the essence.

Bonus: Today is a great day to set up free store pick up or subscribe and save deliveries for the fall too!

Day 20: Sign Up for Fall/Winter Activities

Are you looking for fall and winter activities for the kids to do? Use this day to look into their interests and sign them up!

Day 21: Catch Up & Rest on the August Calendar Printable

Just like the last ones, do anything that got left behind when life got in the way.

Day 22: Create a Meal Plan System

Do you have a meal plan system in place? If not, it’s time to make one! You can grab this free meal plan template, or just list your next seven meals and put them on the fridge

Tip: Putting your meals on rotation like with a “Taco Tuesday” can make things easier from week to week too!

Helpful Links:

Day 23: Organize and Declutter Toys

Next, the kids are embarking on a new level of development, and there are things they’ve grown out of over the summer. This makes it a great day to clean out your home of the things you no longer need. Remember, the less stuff you have, the easier it will be to keep your home organized long-term!

And that’s the ultimate goal!

So, today, go room by room and make a big pile of toys, books, decorations, anything that will be donated or set aside for a future garage sale. This one feels SO GOOD.

Day 24: Give the Kids a Sweet Note

encouraging love notes for kids

A lot of jitters come with the first month of school, so today send your kids a gentle reminder that you’re thinking about them and all of their changes. I have the sweetest free love notes in my resource library >>

Day 25: Declutter Anything Left From Summer

By this time in August, we’re usually done with the summer stuff. So, go through your house and put away the swim bag, summer clothes, sunscreen, etc. Plus, take down any decorations that need to be put away.

Day 26: Set Up a Soothing Night Routine

set up a soothing night routine in your month of August back to school calendar printable 2021

This one is for the kids and YOU. Now that everyone is settling in, what can you do at night to make mornings easier? Is there a better way to help the kids wind down before bed? What about you?

Think about how your last week or two have gone and make an intentional bedtime routine for everyone in your home.

Helpful Posts:

Day 27: Double & Freeze a Dinner for Later

This one is easier than it sounds!

Find a freezer friendly dinner to make tonight, and double it! Once the second meal is cooled, put it in the freezer for a rainy day.

It provides a quick and easy meal with only a small amount of extra effort (because you’re making it anyways and using the same pans).

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Day 28: Catch Up & Rest

This is the last rest and catch up day on the August calendar printable, so make it count!

Day 29: Delegate or Automate One Task

For today, think about the things you have to do on a daily and weekly basis to keep the household running smoothly. Write them down!

Now, find at least ONE thing you can eliminate, delegate, or automate.

Some ideas include:

  • Ask a family member to cook more often
  • Have the kids do their own laundry (if they’re young, have them fold their own laundry, or just stop folding it altogether)
  • Pay someone for a service (mowing, cleaning, cooking, babysitting, etc.)
  • Buy something that makes life easier
  • Automate after dinner clean up

The goal today is to come up with SOMETHING and follow through until it’s set up.

Day 30: Get Out Fall Clothing

Fall will be on the way soon. Does everyone have the clothing they need for cooler temps? Today, pull out or purchase what’s needed and make note of anything you need to look for in the future.

Here’s a great list from

Day 31: Reward Yourself, You Did It!

follow through on rewarding yourself without food

Congrats! You should feel AWESOME!!!! You have organized, simplified, stocked up, and steamlined your household.

So, find something off of this list of healthy adult rewards and give yourself the pat on the back you deserve!

*And if you’re in the mood, now’s a great time to make your inspiring fall bucket list!

Don’t forget! A free August calendar printable is available in my resource library (#45) + a new blank template to customize your own!

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