100 Fun New Years This or That Questions to Ring in 2024

New Years this or that questions will close out your year with giggles and fun. It’s the perfect New Years Eve game for large parties or a quiet night at home.

How To Play New Year’s This or That

To play, give a choice between two fun New Year-related topics. Then, participants decide which they prefer.

It’s a low-pressure game for all ages!

Free printable New Years Eve this or that pdf: What are new years eve games?

This or That New Years Edition

1. Kiss or toast?

2. Loud fireworks or quiet countdown?

3. New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day?

Best New Years this or that questions edition: party games

4. 9 pm or stay up until midnight?

5. Watch the ball drop or a custom countdown?

6. Rose Bowl Parade or winter craft festival?

7. Champagne or sparkling wine?

8. Dress up in glitter or dress down in jammies?

9. Movies or board games?

10. New Year’s Party or stay home?

11. Time capsule or plan your next adventure?

12. Planned or surprise?

13. Binge a TV show or watch the New Year’s concert specials?

14. Clock or calendar?

15. Good luck or no need for luck?

16. Hope or wisdom?

17. Exotic locale with one person or at home with friends and family?

18. Stargazing picnic or a vision board party?

19. December or January?

20. New Year Baby or Father Time?

21. Snow or no snow?

22. Sing to Auld Lang Syne or your favorite tune?

23. Kids go to bed early or let them stay up?

24. Classic or new movie on New Years Eve?

25. Make family goals or family mission statement?

26. DIY decor or store-bought decor?

27. Sunrise on New Year’s Day or stay up all night on New Years Eve?

28. When Harry Met Sally or Holidate?

29. Intimate midnight kiss or group hug?

30. Countdown or hourglass?

31. Blankets or bonfire?

32. New Year’s Eve playlist or Taylor Swift all night?

33. New Years Eve traditions or something different every year?

34. Call or text a loved one?


Party Hard Questions

hats and celebration decor

35. Sequins or stripes?

36. New Years Eve concert or comedy show?

37. DJ or live band?

38. Fireworks or horns?

39. Dance or sing?

40. Confetti or disco ball?

41. New Years trivia quiz or karaoke?

42. Adults: Midnight yoga session or midnight drinking session?

43. Fun New Years drinks or midnight snack?

44. Photo booth or costume party?

45. Party with friends or family?

46. New Years Eve questions or card games?

47. Sparklers or glow sticks?

48. Singer or drummer?

49. Confetti poppers or streamers?

50. Your fireworks or a fireworks show?


Funny New Years This or That

rich or famous: Funny New Years this or that questions quiz

51. Anti-resolution movement or 5 resolutions?

52. Cat nap before midnight or drink caffeine?

53. Tell New Years Jokes or play never have I ever?

54. Find confetti or food in unexpected places?

55. “The more glitter the better” or “no glitter, ever.

56. New Years in two time zones or see a celebrity?

57. Famous or rich?

58. Burn your resolutions or streak at midnight?

59. First country in the world to ring in the New Year or the last?

60. Polar Bear plunge or run a marathon?

61. Would you rather or murder mystery game?

Food New Years This or That

62. Shrimp cocktail or chicken wings?

63. Potluck or catered food?

64. 12 grapes or black-eyed peas?

65. Cook dinner or order takeout?

66. Cocktails or wine?

67. Artichoke dip or salmon crostini?

68. Charcuterie board or baked brie?

69. Champagne cupcakes or chocolate mousse?

70. Fun appetizers or big meal?

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New Years Destination This or That Questions

Times Square New York City

71. Las Vegas or Disney World?

72. Times Square NYC or Sydney, Australia?

73. London or Paris?

74. See Miami drop an orange with sunglasses or Hershey Pennsylvania drop a Hershey kiss?

75. Alaskan cruise or Carribean cruise?

76. Hawaii or Italy?

77. Rio de Janeiro or New Orleans?

78. Rooftop bar or yacht?

New Years Day This or That Questions

New Years Day this or that and would you rather questions for kids and adults: brain break

79. Declutter your house or start a new book?

80. Reflective journaling or vision board?

81. New Years brunch or sleep in?

82. Individual vision board, couples vision board, or family vision board?

83. Tell your resolutions or keep them to yourself?

*Keep more commitments to yourself >>

84. Vision board or bucket list?

85. Family bucket list for the year or winter bucket list for the next few months?

*For individual bucket list ideas >>

86. Declutter your home or declutter your digital life?

87. Go for a New Year’s Day hike or stay in bed all day?

88. Try a new hobby or improve one you already have?

89. Learn meditation or learn karate?

90. Take a once in a lifetime trip this year or accomplish a once in a lifetime achievement?

91. Plan the coming year or go with the flow in 2024?

92. Sit by a fire or go skiing?

93. 30 day challenge or build a habit slowly?

94. If you had to do a challenge: give up something or add?

95. Read more books or listen to more books?

96. Plan a vacation or staycation?

97. Eat better or save more?

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98. Think about what you accomplished last year or what you learned?

99. Exercise more or give up social media?

100. New Year’s Resolution or overall mantra?


Free Printable New Year’s This or That

Happy New Years wishes this or that ice breaker questions for celebration

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