Sanity-Saving Summer Schedule For Kids + Fun Free Printable

If you’re like me, summer with the kids makes you a little excited. And a little anxious. This time of year, we could all use a slow down. A change of pace.

But my kids also turn into little monsters without a bit of routine to keep them grounded. Plus, for many, summer is a juggle between work and childcare.

Giving kids a summer schedule relieves the stress of coming up with something from scratch every single day. It also…

Best summer schedule ideas for kids, free printable pdf
  • reduces fights and behavior issues out of boredom
  • incorporates amazing life-long habits, like learning and exercise
  • gets kids off of screens
  • helps you fulfill your summer bucket list (so you’re making the most out of summer)

Bottom Line: Summer schedule ideas are fun. But they’re also a sanity saver!

Most Helpful Daily Summer Schedule

daily morning routine chart template

I use the following actions in the form of a summer routine checklist. They help give kids daily tasks before screen time and other fun things. Use this screen time checklist printable to help too.

Have you…

  • Eaten breakfast
  • Gotten dressed
  • Brushed your teeth
  • Brushed your hair
  • Played outside for 60 minutes
  • Played with your sibling for 30 minutes
  • Done something creative for 30 minutes
  • Helped someone
  • Done 30 minutes of learning (math games, workbook skills, etc)

Summer Schedule Themes For Weekdays

Next, use this weekly schedule to make each day of summer exciting. (Without having to come up with new things all the time!)

summer kids schedule ideas for kids at home with daily themes

Monday – Make It Monday

Tuesday – Travel Tuesday

Take a trip to the:

  • zoo
  • park or playground
  • library
  • mall
  • aquarium
  • museum
  • nearby nature trail (do a nature scavenger hunt or a bike ride)
  • movies
  • store
  • story time

(This is also a great day to check off things on your Summer Bucket List)

Wednesday – Water Wednesday

Get wet and wild with:

  • water balloons
  • sprinklers
  • slip’ in slide
  • water park
  • pool
  • water guns
  • splash pad
  • beach (Do the beach scavenger hunt)
  • water table
  • boat races

Thursday – Thoughtful Thursday or Thinking Thursday

For thoughtful Thursday (You could also make this selfless Sunday!):

  • Write a thank you note
  • pick up litter
  • help your parents or grandparents
  • do household chores
  • drop a gift off at the neighbors
  • hold the door open for everyone

For Thinking Thursday: Learn something new!

  • Do a stem project
  • Play kids trivia (or teen trivia for older kids)
  • Do a science experiment
  • Play a learning game
  • journal
  • work on reading skills (Try the Reading Fun Pack!)
  • read a book
  • write a story
  • work in a workbook
  • do learning printables
  • listen to a podcast

Friday – Foodie Friday

Explore food together:

  • make ice cream in a bag
  • camp in the backyard with s’mores
  • make fun appetizers
  • make tea party treats
  • go get shaved ice
  • go to a restaurant
  • have a family picnic
  • make fancy popcorn with an at home movie
  • try a new recipe
  • make rainbow stew
  • do a lemonade stand
  • make popsicles
  • make smoothies
  • bake a treat

Free Printable Kids Summer Schedule

Grab the free printable here:

summer weekly schedule for kids free printable to use at home

Summer Camp Schedule Themes For Kids

Next, make slow weeks extra special by giving your schedule an at home summer camp theme.

For example, in my home, the boys go to Scout camp for one week of the summer. We call this “girls week.” On this week, we do all things girly: tea party, dancing, nails, etc. It gives us something to be excited about!

Outdoor Adventure Week

Plan daily hikes, nature walks, and outdoor scavenger hunts.

Sports Extravaganza Week

Try a new sport each day, from soccer to swimming or even mini-golf. (These is great around the Olympics or other fun sporting events)

Summer Staycation

Grab summer staycation ideas and make it a vacation they’ll never forget.

Culinary Creations Week

Cook and bake together all week long. Explore new recipes and different cultural cuisines.

Literary Journey Week

Dive into a different book or series and have daily reading sessions. Check out the Reading Fun Pack for more >>

Community Service Week

Volunteer together at local charities or organize neighborhood clean-ups.

Family Movie Marathon

Select a theme and spend the week watching all the movies in the series. Try these books that are also movies >>

Space Week

Spend a week learning about stars, planets, and space exploration. Don’t forget to go star gazing and visit a planetarium.

Explore Your City

Plan daily outings to local museums, parks, zoos, and historical sites.

Music and Movement

Have a week dedicated to dancing, singing, and exploring different musical instruments.

DIY Science Camp

Conduct science experiments at home, from making slime to building homemade volcanoes.

Backyard Camping

Set up tents in the backyard for a camping experience complete with stargazing and storytelling

Pro Tip: You can make any of your child’s interests into a themed week. Explore dinosaurs, robotics, sewing, language, and more!

What’s Next?

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