16 Free Printable Lego Challenge Cards: Creative Building Ideas

These Lego challenge cards will get your child thinking and building creatively! They are great for keeping kids busy on school breaks, family nights, or birthday parties. I hope they open up the world of LEGO to your entire family.

Free printable stem Lego challenge cards pdf

When my son was younger, he adored Legos. More than once, I wished we had fun challenges to get him thinking outside the box. Now you do!

How to Use the Lego Stem Challenge Cards

1. Print the free download or write out the additional challenge ideas below!

2. Gather your Legos

3. Decide if it’s a solo project, collaborative, or competitive

4. Set a timer to give you more of a challenge!

Basic Lego Card Challenges

Basic lego challenge cards for toddlers, elementary kids, kindergarten, with pictures

These are all on the challenge cards:

Build your initials

Build a wagon that pulls

Build a castle

Build something that flies

See what you can build in exactly 3 minutes

Build your favorite animal

Build a robot

Build a popsicle

More Fantastic Basic Building Challenges to Try

These aren’t on the cards, but are fun to do too!

Build the tallest tower you can

Build a pizza

Build a bridge

Build an instrument

Build something that swims

Build a turtle sitting on the beach

Build something that starts with the letter S

See what you could build in exactly 1 minute

Build something while blindfolded

Build something using only 5 Legos

Build two cars to race each other

Build a boat that floats

Build something you use every day

Build the place where you live

Build a spaceship

Advanced Lego Stem Challenges

photo of advanced scenes for stem building for older kids, middle school, teens

For kids who love LEGO, build more advanced scenes. These are on the cards:

Build a fairytale scene

Build a carnival scene

Build a space scene

Build a yummy dinner on the dinner table

Build a pirate ship looking for treasure

Build your dream house

Build a working catapult

Build a scene called “attack of the monsters”

More Fabulous Scene Ideas

These aren’t on the cards, but are great to do too!

Build a fire-breathing dragon

Build an amusement park with a ride

Build a Batmobile

Build a board game

Build a car chase

Build a jail scene

Build a mini city – add buildings, roads, and vehicles

Build a Lego maze

Build a Lego marble run

Build a Lego photo frame

Free Printable Lego Challenge Cards

Grab the basic challenge cards below.

Free printable stem Lego challenge cards pdf

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Free printable Lego stem challenge cards

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