Pirate Treasure Hunt Adventure + FREE Printable Clues For Little Explorers

Ahoy mateys! Embark on this thrilling pirate treasure hunt to keep your young buccaneers active indoors and out!

It’s simple, entertaining, and sure to stir up excitement for a treasure-filled adventure!

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Why you should do the pirate treasure hunt for kids

  • It’s FREE!
  • It’s a fun activity to do on a day home from school or with friends.
  • The setup is quick and easy.
  • There’s no cleanup! (ALWAYS a bonus!)

What’s not to love?!

free printable pirate treasure hunt with clues

Instructions for Your Pirate Treasure Hunt

1. Print out the download below. Cut out the clue cards.

2. Hold onto the first card, and hide every other card according to where the card before tells you to go. If you do it in order, here’s where they go:

pirate treasure hunt clues for kids
  • CARD 1: Give to child/children
  • HIDING SPOT 1: Bedroom (CARD 2)
  • HIDING SPOT 2: Bathroom light switch (CARD 3)
  • HIDING SPOT 3: Washing machine (CARD 4)
  • HIDING SPOT 4: In a shoe (CARD 5)
  • HIDING SPOT 5: Closest tree outside (CARD 6)
  • HIDING SPOT 6: Outdoor front door mat (CARD 7)
  • HIDING SPOT 7: Backyard (CARD 8)
  • HIDING SPOT 8: Outdoor hose faucet (CARD 9)
  • HIDING SPOT 9: Garage (CARD 10)
  • HIDING SPOT 10: In a backpack (CARD 11)
  • HIDING SPOT 11: In the fridge (CARD 12)
  • HIDING SPOT 12: Keyholder (CARD 13)
  • HIDING SPOT 13: Behind a couch pillow (CARD 14)
  • HIDING SPOT 14: By or on the vacuum (CARD 15)
  • HIDING SPOT 15: Kitchen or dining room table (CARD 16)
  • HIDING SPOT 16: Freezer (Treasure)

Pro Tip: To make the hunt more difficult for older kids, get creative with your hiding spots! Hide the cards under and inside objects instead of in plain sight.

3. Next, give your child (or children) the first card. Then, watch as they scurry through the house in excitement. Give hints if needed!

4. I hid a frozen treat with a few coins in a small treasure box for my kids’ hunt prize. But anything goes!

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Get the FREE Pirate Treasure Hunt Clues

feature image; pirate treasure hunt clues; free printable

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Pirate Treasure Hunt Printable For Kids + Clues

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