Every time we love, it’s Christmas

Here are 3 ideas to consider:

Quote of the Week

1. “Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.” – Dale Evans

Give a Different Type of Gift

2. If you’re worried about stuff piled up in your home after Christmas, give an experience instead. It can be done in many ways!

When my son was younger, I put together a Science experiment kit as a gift. It was nothing fancy. I found homemade experiments on Pinterest, made notecards to give directions, and stuck the random ingredients in a box.

And then…I waited. I had no idea if my kid would think it was dumb. (And he opened it having no clue what it was.)

But as soon as he saw the first experiment, he was ecstatic.

In fact, for very little money, it gave him an entire day’s worth of joy.

After that, I was addicted.

So, here’s a great article for experience gift ideas. There’s even a fun free “gift certificate” at the end to give with your gift!

*For more meaningful gift-giving ideas >>

Free Printables & Holiday Conversation

3. As the holiday approaches, spend a night or two laughing with your loved ones!

Love always,

Jenn Kropf

Founder of​ ​Healthy Happy Impactful​​

P.S. Don’t forget to take care of yourself with all this hustle and bustle! Grab the free 12 days of Christmas Self Care challenge here. You can use one of the days to catch up on your reading challenge book too. (A book you’ve been wanting to read or an old favorite)

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