Uncovering hidden blessings

Good morning,

And happy Thankful Thursday!

This week, I’m thankful for…

  • The steaming cup of coffee in my hand. It warms me up, inside and out.
  • Waking up today. We forget that, just this, is a gift. There are people on the planet who did not.
  • A weekend ahead full of family and fun.

What are you grateful for on this Thankful Thursday? Hit reply and share. You’ll love how it makes you feel!

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175 Best Gratitude Quotes to Make You Feel Blessed

Use the table of contents to grab the printable quickly. Or check out all the simple sayings that give you the right perspective today.

Quote of the day

“Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses.”

Alphonse Karr

💥 Challenge Check-In

Teach your child a chore or life skill. Read👇 for great tips.

5 Hacks For Teaching Kids Life Skills Without Losing Your Mind

How can we impart skills that benefit kids for life, while staying sane? Read to find out!

5 hacks for teaching life skills to kids

💡Did you know?

Today is National Telephone Day!

225 Exciting Telephone Game Phrases to Play With Kids

You’ll laugh until you cry when you hear what these sentences end up sounding like!

crazy fun telephone game phrases for kids and adults pin

🍲 Dinner Table Conversation Starter

Do you know what this idiom means?

Let the cat out of the bag

(to reveal a secret or disclose information that was supposed to be confidential)

✨Affirmation of the Week

I believe in myself and my abilities.

Trivia of the Day

Question: Who is credited for the invention of the telephone?

Answer: Alexander Graham Bell (Kids Trivia Questions)

Journal Prompt of the Day

What is one self-love affirmation you can repeat today or put as a reminder on your phone?

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Love always,

Jenn Kropf

Founder of ​Healthy Happy Impactful

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