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Good morning,

My son is giving a presentation on Albert Einstein in school today.

He waited until yesterday to bring his note cards home and almost all of the facts were wrong. So we scrambled late last night (after baseball practice) to redo it all.

I was so surprised when he was up early on his own to practice this morning.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed it goes well!

Sometimes, it’s easy to focus on the frustrations we have with the people we live with. But then, moments like this remind us of the good efforts they’re making.

See those good efforts in your loved ones today!

Quote of the Day

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

– Albert Einstein

It’s almost April. Time for the next chapter in the reading challenge!

April Adult Reading Challenge

Draw inspiration throughout the month with an inspiring book for women. Pick up a book that will lift you as you care for others and yourself.

best inspirational books for women in 2023

💡 Easy Idea to Encourage Reading

Do your kids beg to stay up later?

Grab a fun book light or headlamp and let your child stay up 5 or 10 minutes later reading in bed.

They will feel empowered and start a reading habit.

(Grab one for an Easter basket?)

April Kids Reading Challenge

April is National Humor Month, so we are reading a funny book for the kid’s reading challenge. Grab great joke books and laugh along!

title pin; best kids joke books

🍲 Dinner Table Conversation Starter

Can you solve this food riddle?

I am a cross between a computer and a dairy product. What am I?

Answer: Mac & Cheese!

My Reading Challenge Adventures: Grab your next book now!

Read my thoughts on the March and April books I chose

April reading challenge; reading an inspirational book

What did you think of your March book?

LOL of the Day

What do librarians take fishing?

Question of the Day

What book have you read recently that left a lasting impression on you, and why?

*Download your pdf copy of the full challenges now:

Happy Reading!

Jessica Evans

Reading Specialist & Editor at Healthy Happy Impactful

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