10 Simple Ideas To Show Up For Your Mom Friends This Mother’s Day

Recently, I had a 15 year old student pass away from cancer. And, I CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE how difficult that must be for his parents. I spent a lot of time in his home teaching and spending time with them, and I got to know them as wonderful, kind human beings. They are just like you and me, put into an unthinkable situation when their son turned nine.

All I can think since, is how incredibly tough Mother’s Day will be for his mama. My heart breaks for her every time I think about it.

And it’s got me thinking. Why must Mother’s Day only be to lift our own mama up? And why only on Mother’s Day?

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Even if our kids are healthy, motherhood is an incredibly complex and difficult job at all levels.

Other women are the only ones that truly understand this.

Heck, there should be medals given out just for giving birth! And that’s just the beginning!

We then spend the rest of our lives giving EVERYTHING we’ve got for our kids and praying that it’s enough. Yet, too often we’re reminded that we can’t always be perfect for them (ugh, mom guilt). And no matter how hard we try, we can’t always fix everything either. It’s an amazing, but extremely tough gig at times.

So why can’t we use the day to make all the fantastic and exhausted moms we know feel a little special?


1. Buy a bouquet of roses and give one out to every mama you know! Simple and beautiful

2. Send a card or text message to the mothers in your life telling them what great parents they are, and what you admire about them as mothers. Every mom I know has beautiful and unique strengths.

3. Buy a $5 gift card for coffee to give to out. Or buy her a coffee and drop it off. Mamas could always use caffeine!

4. Invite some mom friends over for a little wine and the movie “Bad Moms.” I think every mother on earth can relate to this movie! Or plan all the details and go out for a girls night!

5. Offer to watch her kids so she can do some self-care. We are best when we take care of ourselves!

6. Drop off a little treat or healthy snack for her to indulge when the kiddos are sleeping!

7. Take some pictures of her and her kids and send them to her around Mother’s Day!

8. Send her an inspirational mom quote. This site has lots of sweet ones!

9. Do a self care challenge together! My spring one is perfect to do with others. Get your nails done, read the same inspiring book to discuss, or compare notes on a new healthy recipe you both try!

10. Pay her a compliment that has nothing to do with motherhood. Often as moms, we lose ourselves in the everyday tasks required to keep our families alive! Is her hair cute? Does she look great in those jeans? Do you love the work or hobby she does well? Let her know!

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lift a mama up

This does not need to be on Mother’s Day! In fact, it’s probably more impactful before or after the day when we go back to doing the hard work of being moms again.

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I’m so looking forward to the loves from my kids and giving extra to our grandmas this year. And for the first time, I’m truly aware of how difficult this holiday can be for those that have lost children, and that I should never take for granted the beautiful babies I have.

Finally, if you know anyone that has lost a child, miscarriage to fully grown, give a word of encouragement or simply lend an ear so they can talk. It’s a very dark place at any stage, and Mother’s Day can be a painful reminder to them. You’ll be making a bigger impact than you even know.

So, I encourage you to share the love in the next few weeks! All the moms I know are doing their best, and deserve a little extra!

What are other ways to lift a mama up this Mother’s Day?

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  1. Stephanie Kropf says:

    This post hit home for me. Last week I ran into a very dear friend of 30+ years. After our ‘hello’s’ the first thing she wanted to know was how my kids were doing – especially, Kyle as we first met shortly after he was born and she has a daughter a little younger than him. She has always been a great supporter of my kids, even though she had never met them face-to-face, as I have been of her’s, as well. But, then this is what a great friend does – listen and support each other. About mid-way through our conversation she leaned toward me and softly said, “I have pancreatic cancer.” If you can imagine, words failed me. How can this happen to someone who has always been extremely health conscious? She always ate healthy, exercised, never smoked, drank to excess or did illegal drugs, quite honestly I’ve always admired her dedication and determination to living a healthy life style. Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that her smile and laughter can turn night into day, and the twinkle in her eye makes me smile even now just thinking about her. After what seemed like an eternity, I hugged her and said, “I love you – and you will beat this!” My friend slowly smiled and said, “That’s my plan.” When it came time for her to leave, she hugged me, kissed my cheek and then touched her own cheek to let me know it was ‘okay’ to kiss her, too. 🙂
    Ever since our conversation I’ve been haunted by what can I do to brighten her day. I know her family supports her 1,000 percent, as do her many other friends, but I want to be an active part of her support system, too. Since that day I’ve thought of her many, many times – should I send flowers to brighten her day, should I write her a letter… what should I do? And then along comes your post “10 Simple Ideas To Lift A Mama Up This Mother’s Day”, with so many great ways to show my friend just how special she is not only to me, but all of those whose lives she has touched. Thank you, Jenn – always know that you are touching more lives that you can imagine in a good, positive and loving way!

    1. Thank you Steph! That is a beautiful story of your friendship! I think no matter how many people she has to support her, anything you do will touch her heart! And your sentence “ever since our conversation I’ve been haunted by what I can do” is EXACTLY how I feel about those parents. I really appreciate your comment! It hits home!

  2. Jessica Evans says:

    Wonderful post and food for thought!

    1. Thanks lady!!! Glad you liked it! You’ll be seeing a coffee in your future hard working mama! 🙂

  3. This post has touched my soul. Mothers go through a lot, and sometimes or most times, we go on and put on a happy face for the world even when things are so hard. We carry a lot of responsibilities for the well being of our families and our children. And we beat ourselves up when we don’t give 100 %. A So stopping and appreciating each other with simple heartfelt ways is such a great idea. And reading Stephanies comment above really hit home as well. How hard that has to be for a mom to go through. Thank you for writing this post.

    1. That is such a sweet comment Jane! And all SO true! As moms, we hold an incredible amount on our shoulders! The connection with other women can be just what we need to get through those tough moments. So, carry on mama, you’re doing great! No beating ourselves up today! And Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for sharing!!!

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