50 March Madness Trivia Questions and Answers (2024)

March Madness trivia questions and answers will test your knowledge and teach you interesting facts about your favorite tournament. Explore the history, excitement, and amazing feats that have made this tournament such an impact-maker for the game.

Fun Fact: 31 teams have never won the NCAA tournament.

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March Madness trivia questions and answers for 2024

Easy March Madness Trivia Questions

1. What is “March Madness”?

It’s the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament. In the single-elimination tournament, teams compete for the national championship.

2. How many teams are in the men’s tournament?


3. When is Selection Sunday for the men’s NCAA tournament?

Sunday, March 17 (for 2024)

4. What is “Selection Sunday”?

It’s the day when the Selection Committee reveals the full NCAA tournament bracket, with all teams and seeds.

5. How are teams selected?

There are two ways a team can get into the NCAA tournament.

  • Teams who win their postseason conference tournament receive an automatic bid.
  • The Selection Committee decides which teams (of those who have not already received an automatic bid) have earned an invitation to the tournament.

6. When does March Madness officially begin?

Games begin March 19-20 for 2024 (NCAA)

7. What is the round called that has 16 teams left in the tournament?

The Sweet Sixteen

8. What is the second to last round called, when only four teams are left?

The Final Four

9. What does it mean to be a “Cinderella team”?

A Cinderella team is a team that does much better than expected.

10. How many regionals is the NCAA tournament split into?

4:  South, East, West, and Midwest.

11. Of the 7 rounds of the tournament, how many rounds are played in the regionals?

The first four rounds

12. The 68 teams are divided into seeds. How many seed rankings are there?

Seeds are 1-16

13. What do the seeds and overall rankings determine?

Where the team plays, who the team plays, and whether the team plays in the First Four.

14. Who plays in the First Four (the first four games)?

The four lowest-seeded teams and four lowest-seeded automatic qualifiers.

15. What U.S. state has the most championship wins, with 15 titles?


16. What coach has won the most NCAA tournament games in history?

Mike Krzyzewski, aka Coach K, from Duke, has the most NCAA tournament wins by a coach, with 101 games won in 42 seasons. 

17. What University has the most national championships?

UCLA has won the most national championships with 11 national titles.

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Multiple Choice March Madness Trivia


multiple choice ncaa march madness tournament fun facts and trivia

A) Oregon

19. How many teams were in the first year of the tournament?

A) 16

B) 42

C) 63

D) 8

Answer D) 8

20. Each winning university receives a rectangular, gold-plated trophy. What is it made of?

A) Resin

B) Platinum

C) Wood

D) Silver

Answer C) Wood

21. Of the 68 teams, how many schools have won the March Madness championship?

A) 45

B) 37

C) 10

D) 50

B) 37

22. Of these winning schools, how many have won multiple times?

A) 15

B) 25

C) 30

D) 10

A) 15

23. The term “March Madness” was first used by a sportscaster, Brent Musburger. What year was it?

A) 1982

B) 1990

C) 1973

D) 1955

A) 1982

24. The first NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Tournament took place during what year?

A) 1965

B) 1993

C) 1985

D) 1982

D) 1982

25. Where is the NCAA based?

A) Glendale, Arizona

B) Dallas, Texas

C) Indianapolis, Indiana

D) Greensboro, North Carolina

C) Indianapolis

26. In what year was the women’s championship moved from the weekend before the men’s to the Tuesday following the men’s championship?

A) 2010

B) 2016

C) 2020

D) 2000

B) 2016


easy March Madness trivia multiple choice questions quiz

C) 7: Oklahoma State, Kentucky, San Francisco, Cincinnati, UCLA, Duke, and Florida. 

28. How many people in the history of the tournament have both played and coached in the men’s tournament?

A) 2

B) 1

C) 3

D) 5

A) 2: Bob Knight played for Ohio State and coached for Indiana. Dean Smith played for Kansas and coached for North Carolina. 

29. The first national title to be given up by a school was the 2013 men’s championship title won by what school?

A) Villanova

B) North Carolina

C) Louisville

D) Virginia

C) Louisville

30. Kansas has appeared in every NCAA tournament since what year?

A) 1963

B) 1990

C) 2000

D) 1987

B) 1990

31. How many times has North Carolina earned the top seed in March Madness history?

A) 30

B) 10

C) 15

D) 17

D) 17 times

32. The Final Four was first broadcast by NBC in what year?

A) 1956

B) 1975

C) 1969

D) 1963

C) 1969

33. What is the only school to have won both the men’s and women’s tournament in the same year?

A) Michigan

B) Indiana

C) Duke

D) Connecticut

D) University of Connecticut (UConn), in 2004 and 2014. 

34. The women’s tournament began featuring a 68-team bracket with play-in games in what year?

A) 1990

B) 2022

C) 2000

D) 2016

B) 2022


Fun Facts March Madness Trivia Quiz

mens and womens tournament brackets

35. In 2014, how much did Warren Buffett offer to anyone who could achieve a perfect bracket?

$1 billion

36. What are the odds of a perfect bracket?

Roughly 1 in 120.2 billion (NCAA)

37. Approximately how many people fill out brackets each year?

60 to 100 million brackets are filled out each year (Sports Illustrated)

38. In 2018, Maryland-Baltimore County became the first team to do what?

It became the first #16 seed to beat a #1 seeded school in the opening round. 

39. What coach in history has the most championship wins?

John Wooden

40. March Madness has only been canceled once. What year was it?

2020 (COVID)

41. The entire March Madness Tournament was held in what state in 2021?


42. What team has the highest number of March Madness appearances in history?

The Kentucky Wildcats (59)

43. For over 50 years, The NCAA wasn’t played in this world-class New York City venue. But in 2014, it began hosting again. Where is it?

Madison Square Garden

Fun Fact: March Madness generates billions every year from ticket sales, advertising, merchandise, and broadcasting rights. It also costs employers billions because employees are distracted by the tournament.


Hard March Madness Trivia History

Finally, this March Madness trivia is challenging. Find out who the expert is when answering these questions!

44. The record for the most points in an NCAA tournament game is held by who?

Austin Carr of Notre Dame for 61 points in 1970.

45. Christian Laettner is the all-time scoring leader in the NCAA men’s division with 407 points in 23 games throughout his career.  What school is he from?


46. Chamique Holdsclaw is the highest scorer in the NCAA women’s division, with 479 points throughout her career. What school is she from?


47. What was the lowest seeded team to ever win the NCAA tournament? It happened in 1985.

Villanova (#8 seed)

48. How many times has there been no #1 seed in the Final Four?

3 (1980, 2006, 2011)

49. All four #1 seeds have only met once in the Final Four. What year was this?

2008: Kansas, Memphis, North Carolina, and UCLA. 

50. Out of the top eight, what number of seed is the only one to have never won a March Madness title?

#5 seeds are the only ones to have never won.

Fun Fact: The lowest-scoring March Madness tournament game took place in 1941 between Pittsburg (26 points) and North Carolina (20 points). 


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