Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Family Instead of “How Was Your Day?”

I strive for meaningful dinner-time conversations with my family. But they sometimes need a nudge to get going. And asking the question, “How was your day?” often results in one-word replies.

If you find dinner conversations lacking, try these 10 insightful questions to kickstart discussions with your family tonight.

Top 10 questions to ask your kids and family instead of how was your day?

In addition, these questions help cultivate the habit of open and honest dialogue. Over time, the conversations will feel effortless and natural.

Top 10 Questions To Ask Your Family Tonight

All 10 of these questions can be asked daily. Or pick a few to jumpstart your conversation.

1. What made you smile or laugh today?

This question sets a positive tone to get the conversation rolling.

Recognizing humor in everyday situations is incredibly impactful. It adds joy to life and also alleviates stress.

2. What was the high of your day?

Sharing the high point of the day encourages family members to reflect on the positive.

In addition, it deepens understanding about each individual’s sources of joy. And creates opportunities to celebrate accomplishments together.

3. What was the low of your day?

This allows family members to reflect on their day and pinpoint challenges (or the low). It sparks discussions on problem-solving and critical thinking. And it gives parents a chance to offer guidance and support in tough situations.

*Questions #2 and #3 are also commonly known as “rose and thorn” or “mountain and valley” questions.

4. Did you try anything new or different today?

This question spurs your family to share moments when they demonstrated courage or stepped outside their comfort zones.

Encourage your family members to branch out and try new things so they can:

branching out; get out of your comfort zone quotes and activities

5. What is something you are excited to learn more about?

This question serves as a catalyst for curiosity and lifelong learning. Whether exploring hobbies or diving into new skills, it allows you to be actively involved in each other’s journeys and interests.

Additionally, this is a great opportunity for school-age kiddos to share what they are learning in school.

6. Is there anything causing you to worry or feel sad?

By fostering an environment where family members freely share their feelings, problems can be collectively tackled and resolved.

We want our kids to know that we understand their challenges and to feel comfortable confiding in us. We want to ensure that no one feels alone in their struggles.

7. What made you feel proud today?

Cheer one another on! Celebrate achievements, big or small, within the household. This creates opportunities to acknowledge efforts.

8. How were you kind to someone today?

kindness art activities and projects for elementary students

Emphasizing kindness as a core value is a win-win. Kindness not only enhances personal well-being, but it also has a ripple effect on others.

It leads to:

  • Healthier relationships
  • Academic success
  • Enhanced emotional intelligence
  • Increased civic-minded awareness
  • Elevated self-esteem and happiness

Utilize these creative kindness activities ideas to inspire and promote good deeds.

9. What are three things you are thankful for today?

Research shows that practicing gratitude enhances happiness and reduces depression and anxiety.

Promote gratitude within your family by using this question. It helps everyone recognize the abundance around them. Diversify by drawing from this extensive list of things to be grateful for.

10. Choose a fun or silly question to ask!

Wrap up with light-hearted fun for the final question! Shared laughter strengthens bonds and nurtures deeper connections.

These prompts entertain kids and adults alike. (Click the links for even more!)

  • Would you rather have one wish granted now, or three wishes granted in 10 years? Why?
  • What if you could be a character in any book? Who would you be?
too 10 questions to ask your family; fun

What’s Next?

Use these how well do you know me questions to continue to deepen your bonds.

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