Life is a song – sing it

Happy 3 Pt Thursday!

Here are 3 ideas to consider in 5 minutes or less.

Quote of the Day

1. “Life is a song – sing it.

Life is a game – play it.

Life is a challenge – meet it.

Life is a dream – realize it.

Life is love – enjoy it.”

– Sai Baba

Suspenseful October Reading

2. For this month’s reading challenge, curl up with a book that makes you frantically turn the page!

  • For Adults: A mystery or thriller book

*Check out the popular Room on the Broom read aloud to make it easy!

Did You Know?

3. At the newspaper where Walt Disney first worked, his editors fired him. They thought he lacked imagination and good ideas.

It goes to show that grit and belief in yourself are far greater indicators of success.

Help kids (and yourself) reach for the stars with these:

Love always,

Jenn Kropf

Founder of Healthy Happy Impactful

P.S. What’s your favorite thing about fall?

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