My May Momentum: 9 Goals Week 2 Update

Hi there! This series shares my goals, bucket list items, and progress made every month.

This Month’s Goals

I’ll be doing this month’s goals for five weeks. So, I expanded it to nine goals. To see the background on all 9, visit the first week’s goal explanation.

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May goals, yearly goals

1. Prepare Myself for Summer With the Kids

My main goal for the month is to:

  1. Set a realistic summer schedule for my family: This week I got all summer camps and travel on the calendar except for 2 activities still in limbo.
  2. Set a realistic summer schedule for my work: I decided to drop two separate work tasks for the summer. These are both nice-to-haves but not must-haves for the business to function well.
  3. Plan fun things for the family time I set aside (See below!)

2. Make a Summer Bucket List With the Kids

I’ll be using our big list of summer bucket list ideas to help – and this will happen towards the end of the month.

3. Do the Monthly Reading Challenge

For this month, I’m finishing my April book Ask for It: How Women Can Use the Power of Negotiation to Get What They Really Want. I read for several hours yesterday, and I’m hoping to finish this week!

I also ordered my May reading challenge book Fourth Wing.

Fourth wing, May goals

Check out the May reading challenge email and May book thoughts for more on our monthly reading adventure 🙂 >>

4. Conquer the Digital Detox on Sundays

Yesterday was wonderful! I tried out the Freedom App on my phone. And I LOVED IT!

Instead of scrolling, I took a nature walk, took a long bath, read, and even enjoyed a margarita with my hubby.

5. Set Aside Quiet Time in the Mornings

My goal is to start with 10 minutes, 3 days a week. And then build from there.

This week, I had quiet time Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday mornings. It was about 30 minutes each. Mostly I journaled and jotted down my thoughts.

6. Celebrate the Last Day of School

I haven’t decided how yet. We may just take donuts to the park the day after school gets out. 🙂

7. Watch a Documentary or Inspiring Movie (12 for the Year)

I’ve watched 4/12 for the year. So far, I’ve seen:

April goals
  • King Richard (Based on the true story of Serena and Venus Williams)
  • Jiro Dreams of Sushi
  • The Greatest Love Story Never Told (Jennifer Lopez)
  • Save My Squad (David Beckham)

If you have any recommendations of documentaries you’ve loved, please let me know in the comments!

8. Do a Money Challenge

I own a second site, Wealthy Woman Finance, where we share wealth-building tips for women. I worked on a fun 5 in 5 money challenge that I’ll be writing about this week.

If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

9. Visit a New Coffee Shop Every Month

april goals, coffee shop

So far, I’ve visited 3/12 for the year. I’m hoping to take my mama to one this weekend for Mother’s Day!

I’ll update you every Monday to share how I’m doing with these goals.

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What goals do you have this month? Leave a comment and share one!

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