Spring Cleaning for the Mind: 9 Life-Changing Ways to Find Peace

Each spring, you hear about decluttering and refreshing your home.

But in today’s non-stop digital world, it’s even more crucial to declutter your mind. And yet very few talk about this!

Today, learn 9 easy methods to give your mind a gentle reset. So that you enjoy more of the small moments with loved ones, triple your productivity, and feel your best.

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What is mind clutter?

Your brain is like a busy intersection, and your thoughts are the cars. You’ll always have “cars” that go to and fro. This isn’t a problem as long as they have a direct path and room to move.

But mental clutter arises when there’s a traffic jam. Or even worse, a five-car pileup. You have too many tasks, decisions, or future worries. If the traffic problems don’t get resolved quickly, you face a host of problems – overwhelm, burnout, stress, fatigue, and anxiety.

cars on a busy intersection, declutter your mind

Just like in a real traffic jam, the mental clutter in your head makes you unhappy and barely moving in your life.

But mind clutter isn’t one size fits all. We all struggle with different things.

It can be caused by:

  • Unfinished projects
  • Decisions you’ve put off
  • Facing too many decisions
  • Constant comparison with others
  • Saying yes to too many things
  • Worries about what might happen
  • Overstimulation

Use the strategies below to pinpoint the areas where you struggle.

1. Do a Digital Detox

First, the most rejuvenating way to declutter your mind is to give it a break from beeps and notifications. Regain control of your digital life. In the process, you’ll create a real life you adore.

Make it happen:

  • Get off of social media for at least a week. If you need it for work, schedule everything ahead.
  • Implement “no screen zones” in your day. The morning routine, dinner time, and nature walks are great places to start.
  • Set yourself up with other things to do – find good books, visit parks, and plan for fun things off-screen.

Aside from a clearer mind, you’ll improve relationships, feel happier, and get better sleep too. It’s a stunning win!

2. Write Down Your Thoughts Each Night

Keeping a journal is a practical way to manage your thoughts and emotions. By writing down what’s on your mind, you can track patterns, identify what matters most to you, and get those pesky to-dos out of your head.

Try a mind dump before bed. Your body will thank you for it.

If journaling is too much, sign up for the Family Connections newsletter. Each one has a thought-provoking question to try.

3. Set Clear Priorities Each Day

Each morning, set your three top to-dos for the day. Even if the day turns into a circus, you’ll breathe easy knowing you accomplished what truly matters to your goals and aspirations.

Pro Tip: Focus on one task at a time. You only move on to the next task once the original one is completed. This ensures that your “cars” don’t collide. (You’ll get more done too)

4. Say No to at Least 1 Thing in Your Calendar

It’s easy to commit to something you aren’t excited about. Particularly when it’s more than a week away.

But while it seems harmless, the ho-hum obligation takes you away from your:

  • highest priorities (quality time with your loved ones, healthy endeavors, etc)
  • the mental space your mind needs to function at its best

Do you need to go to the function? Do you need to bring a thousand cookies? Commit to less and you’ll notice that you have opened up a huge door of opportunity for your life.

5. Remove Decisions in Your Life

The fifth time my kids ask me “what’s for dinner?”, I lose my mind. And then I can’t remember simple things, like what day of the week it is. Do you ever feel this way?

It’s called decision fatigue. And it happens when you make hundreds of tiny decisions each day. Each one eats away at your cognitive function, until you feel exhausted and stressed.

If decision fatigue is an issue, try:

  • A rotating meal plan (Heck yes! Taco Tuesday every week!)
  • Setting out your clothes before the week starts
  • Giving your partner or other family members more responsibility

No kidding: I recently put myself on a “leg shaving” and “hair washing” schedule because I was tired of trying to figure out the last time I did it. It’s shocking how much mental relief I’ve gotten by not having to think about it anymore!

6. Try a Week of Meditation or Yoga

Self care ideas list for women on a bad day, featured image

Incorporate deep breathing exercises to reduce stress and clear your mind. Try a free trial on Headspace, look up free guided meditations online, or sit on a chair and practice breathing in and out for 5 counts each.

Bonus: Make time for other forms of self-care as well. The more you schedule exercise, quiet, and connection into your life, the happier you’ll be.

7. Reframe Your Worries

Are you worrying too much about things outside of your control?

Challenge the validity of your worries and replace them with more realistic thoughts. If you catch yourself thinking, 

“I’ll never get this done on time,” reframe it to, “I’m concerned, but I can take these specific steps to manage my time well”

By altering the nature of your worries, you maintain a more peaceful mind.

8. Declutter Your Spaces to Free Up Your Mind

Studies show that physical clutter affects your mind and stress levels. So, it is still an incredible idea to declutter your living spaces. Embracing minimalism helps you feel lighter and less attached to the material burdens of the world.

Start with this 30-day decluttering challenge. You’ll feel like you can fly by the end!

9. Seek Outside Support

Finally, when you’re feeling overwhelmed, external support can provide you with structure, accountability, and strategies to clear your head. Often, it takes just one outside person to help us see things we couldn’t before. So, check out counseling, therapy, or mindfulness workshops and groups to see what they offer.

What’s Next?

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