My Spring Reboot: 8 April Goals – Week 4 of 4

Hi there! This series shares my goals, bucket list items, and progress made every month.

This Month’s Goals

April’s updates will end a bit early because of calendar. Stay tuned for next week, I’ll have fresh May goals to write about.

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april goals

1. Do a Digital Detox on Sundays

4/4 – kind of

I had to take a work call yesterday afternoon. When you run a business of moms, flexibility is key. So, I’m not upset about ruining my digital detox. But I do want to keep this goal through May.

It has been ridiculously difficult to pull off. Which probably shows the level of addiction I have with my screens.

I’ve noticed that I get the best results when:

2. Read More This Month

I’ve read a ton this month. I finished the second book on my stack and am getting into the third this week. My goal is to finish it before May 1st.

April goals, books to read

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3. Spring Clean – declutter, automate, or delegate one thing every week

4/4 This week, I…

  • decluttered more for the upcoming garage sale
  • batched a work task for two longer blocks a week instead of a little every day
  • let my daughter help with cooking. She was actually pretty helpful!

4. Meal Prep at Least One Thing Every Week

Well, I washed and cut A LOT more than this on Saturday. But, by Sunday afternoon, this was all that was left. Some weeks you win. And others you learn to hide your food. 🤣

In all seriousness, I’m not upset. At least they ate their fruits and veggies.

5. Have a Garage Sale

It’s this weekend! Wahoo!

6. Watch a Documentary (12 for the Year)

4/12 I started Jiro Dreams of Sushi on Amazon Prime. It’s hypnotizing. In our complex world, it’s uncommon to learn about someone who’s so single-minded about their craft.

7. Ask Dinner Table Questions

I printed questions and they’re on the table. We’ve asked a few and I’m just going to leave that paper there as a great reminder at dinnertime.

8. Visit a new Coffee Shop

3/12 for the year. The kids had Friday off, so we checked out a nearby one. It was groovy.

Ultimately, we didn’t love it. But it was fun doing something outside the box together.

I’ll update you every Monday to share how I’m doing with these goals.

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