My March Goals Update – Week 3 of 4

Hi there! This series shares my goals, bucket list items, and progress made.

This Month’s Goals

My March goals were influenced by spring cleaning and renewal vibes. I also used spring bucket list ideas for inspiration. For background on each goal, see the goals from March Week 1 >>

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March goals, St. Patrick's Day

1. Make a New Vision Board

I made progress with this by writing out specific goals for work, health, and family. One week left to show the visuals!

A few mental and physical health goals are:

  • 1.5-2 hours of physical activity a day: (Broken up throughout the day, and can be walking)
  • Morning gratitude
  • Once a week Epsom salt bath
  • Limiting drinking to 2 nights a week after the 30-day challenge is over.

2. Read My March Challenge Book

The Book is: Killers of the Flower Moon

Alright, I’m halfway through the book and holy guacamole. How is this story real?!?!

The criminal mastermind behind it gives me chills.

Check out the March reading challenge email and march book thoughts for more on our monthly reading adventure 🙂 >>

3. Clean out A Crazy Kid Room

I made great progress, but I’m not marking it done until I go through her clothes too.

march goals, decluttering

The hardest part was distracting her while I “put away” the piles and piles of old papers.

March goals, decluttering

4. Get Back to Gratitude Writing

I’m on a 5 day streak and it feels good! Some days are harder than others, but today I was thankful for…

  • A fresh start. A new week with new beginnings.
  • Flexibility in our schedule. We’re very lucky in this, especially when the kids are home from school.
  • Oat milk. Which I’ve found to be a nice touch in my coffee lately.

5. Have a Little Holiday Fun With the Kids

We did the St. Patrick’s Day Hunt. It was a HUGE hit! After, my youngest child hid the clues for me as well.

March goals, St. Patrick's Day

Due to this massive success, I think we’ll do the Easter Scavenger Hunt in a few weeks too.

March goals
Can you tell her older sister made the prize?

6. Watch a Documentary (12 for the Year)

I heard about the J.Lo documentary and now I want to watch it on Prime! Have you seen it?

It’s like she’s aging backward….

7. Complete a “Dry” March

I’m missing wine, but otherwise it’s felt really good to take a break.

8. Finish Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

We’ve read three nights this week and the girls are absolutely loving these short stories.

9. Visit a new Coffee Shop

Done! I wish I’d taken a picture, but it was a fancy brunch place we stopped at in Austin, Texas. Our family of five was so out of place. And we had no idea it would be what it was – a health restaurant.

But the food was excellent and I was glad we got to try new things. The kids in particular can be a little picky with food. In this case, they had no choice but to try the mushroom tacos, falafel, and Thai wraps if they wanted to eat. 😂 It made it a memorable experience!

I’ll update you every Monday to share how I’m doing with these goals.

Until next week,

Jenn Kropf

What goals do you have this month? Leave a comment and share one!

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