My 9 Goals for February – Week 2 of 4

Hi there! This series shares my goals, bucket list items, and progress made.

This Month’s Goals

For background on these goals, see the original February goals post >>

1. Visit a new Coffee Shop

Done! It worked out that we could visit a new coffee shop on the way to an appointment. It was a last-minute decision that turned into sweet stolen moments of quality time. And a bit of warm goodness too.

february goals and bucket list items

2. Do the February reading challenge

Done and Dusted. I have the bad habit of not being able to stop a fiction book once I start. I push out the world while staying up way too late. It’s like I have to see the story through once I begin! (Does anyone else do this, or am I crazy?!)

I read Ugly Love. It was…beautiful. Ugly. Steamy. All those things. Colleen Hoover does an amazing job of taking the extreme heartaches of life and weaving them into a brave story.

Check out the February reading challenge >>

3. Enjoy a Valentine’s Day dinner with the kids

I put it on the calendar.

4. Do something with my hubs for Valentine’s Day too

No idea on this yet. But we did buy the champagne.

5. Write for Wealthy Woman Finance

New posts are up over here! My favorites:

ww logo

6. Watch a documentary

I need to make a list to get this one going. King Richard and Breakpoint have both caught my eye. Mostly because my 12-year-old son is getting into tennis. I’m seeing the sport with fresh eyes.

What have been good documentaries or true story movies you’ve seen? Please leave a comment if you know of a good one.

7. Spend more time on the nearby trail

The weather is cooperating! And I got at least a short walk in alone or with family daily.

8. Plan one future trip

Reached out about one!

9. Eat more salads that don’t taste like salads.

(Nervous laugh from me)

february goals

Ok, I confess. I ate one salad the entire week (and yes, those are pickles in my salad). Nothing to jump up and down about. This week, my goal is to eat 3 salads.

I’ll update you every Monday to share how I’m doing with these goals.

What goals do you have for February? Leave a comment and share one!

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  1. Just commenting that I love this new series. Seeing fun goals broken down week by week is inspiring and feels manageable in a way that monthly goals sometimes aren’t. And seeing goals related to everything from finances to parenting to hobbies makes it very relatable.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing Lisa! It’s sometimes hard to know what resonates with readers, so I really appreciate your feedback! 🙂

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