My Spring Reboot: 8 April Goals – Week 2 of 4

Hi there! This series shares my goals, bucket list items, and progress made every month.

This Month’s Goals

In March, life felt a bit like surviving instead of thriving. This month’s goals reflect that. I also used spring bucket list ideas for inspiration.

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april goals, meal prepping

1. Do a Digital Detox on Sundays

1/4. This was harder than I expected. I realized how often I pick up my phone out of habit. (An embarrassingly huge amount)

But it also freed up most of the day to do my other goals and take two nature walks. I feel a lot more refreshed today than I normally do. This one might be my favorite goal of the year so far!

2. Read More This Month

For the reading challenge, I’m reading Ask for It: How Women Can Use the Power of Negotiation to Get What They Really Want. Along with two other books. Last week, I made it halfway through Outlive.

April goals, books to read

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3. Spring Clean – Declutter, automate, or delegate one thing every week

1/4 I put away Easter stuff and cleaned out kids clothes. I’m also testing out several automation softwares for work.

4. Meal Prep at Least One Thing Every Week

For this to be sustainable, I have to keep it simple. The kids wanted quesadillas for lunch Sunday, so we made extra for lunches this week. And my 5 year old helped make ants on a log. Otherwise, I washed fruit to get it ready to go.

5. Have a Garage Sale

Yesterday, I started collecting things into a basket.

6. Watch a Documentary (12 for the Year)

3/12 for the year

7. Ask Dinner Table Questions

No specific questions yet, but I’ve been pulling my son out more with our “good and grit” at dinnertime. (sharing 1 good thing from the day and 1 challenging thing from the day)

8. Visit a new Coffee Shop

2/12 for the year

I’ll update you every Monday to share how I’m doing with these goals.

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