Amazon Prime Days: Favorite Things In 2023

It’s Prime Time! So, I asked our team of moms to bring you what we’re digging this year.

Between us three, we have 7 kids ranging from 2-11 (with one on the way!).

You’ll find a great mix of fun and practicality among our favorite things. And as always, we’re committed to helping women take care of themselves and their families. Enjoy!

*As Prime Day sales pop up July 10-12, I will mark items that become discounted!

Our Favorite Things For Women

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen

This sunscreen applies so well that it feels like you have put nothing on. It’s easy to put makeup over and works double time as a primer.

Grand-Lash MD Serum


“I love this eyelash serum. I’ve never had long eyelashes and now they are super long.”

** And I love the idea of skipping the mascara and going straight for better lashes!

Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier-Lemon Lime- Powder Packets

“I use these powder packs often!” PRIME DAY DEAL 25% OFF

Great for hydrating after being in the sun (and heat) or after a workout!

OPI Nail Polish

*Summer Favorite: Got Myself Into Jam-balaya (SAVE WHEN YOU SPEND $40 AT CHECKOUT)

The BEST summer color and overall nail polish.

“I gave this to 7 other women at a favorite things party and everyone loved it!”

Mamacita Needs a Margarita Shirt

I saw a dear friend wearing this shirt…and immediately bought one for myself. It’s just too cute and summery! Friends steal each other’s clothing ideas….

Here’s a great t-shirt option too >>

Reading Journals

Have you ever wished you could remember books better? Or had jotted down your lessons learned?

Now’s your chance! We’ve been blown away by how cool reading journals are these days!

Best pick for fiction:

The Bookish Companion: So Many Books, So Little Time – we like that it’s short and sweet with four prompts.

Best pick for non-fiction:

Reading Journal: A Log to Remember the Books You Love, Notes & Quotes – we like that it has extra room to write learning insights!

Gap Women’s 3-Pack Vintage V-Neck T-shirt

*There’s something to be said for keeping it simple!

These are great for everyday wear. They fit well and hold their shape and color after washing and drying.

Portable Neck Fan From Popular Earphone Design

“This fan has been a lifesaver during my summer pregnancy! “I’ve used it gardening, on vacation, and at an outdoor concert.”


The portable neck fan has three great speeds and is light enough that it’s not heavy on your neck.

The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave

I read this book in ONE afternoon because I could. not. put. it. down.

And then we watched the new Apple series with Jennifer Garner (love her!)

If you’re looking for a page-turner this summer, grab this one! While you’re at it, join our fun free reading challenge too! It’s where I found this book in the first place!

Amazon Basics Slim Velvet, Non-Slip Suit Clothes Hangers

*Durable and slim

If you don’t have the non-slip kind of hangers, you’re seriously missing out. Make your life easier with a pack of 30, 50, or even 100 (for the whole family).

The Five Minute Journal


My all-time favorite journal! I’ve been returning to it more over the summer as I try to slow down and count my blessings more often.

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer

This concealer has great coverage and is not greasy. It does a fabulous job of covering dark circles!

Magic Spoon Cereal: Keto & Low Carb Lifestyles I Gluten & Grain Free I High Protein I 0g Sugar

“The peanut butter flavor is my favorite.” PRIME DAY DEAL -20%

We love this high-protein (low-sugar) cereal! Great quick breakfast option.

Things We Love For Kids

Quip Electric Toothbrush For Kids

-20% OFF

A great kids electric toothbrush. Two-minute timer that shuts off when done. And I love how durable these are!

VivoFit Jr: Fitness Tracker For Kids

This watch tracks activity, sleep, and chores. It’s very useful for practicing good habits, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much the kids use them (even many months later).

See the VivoFit here >>

Mr. Lemoncello’s Very First Game

I’ve been enjoying this read aloud over the summer with my 9-year-old. It’s about a boy who loves solving puzzles and creating games. The Lemoncello series is such a fun one!

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Reusable Water Bomb Balloons


Don’t you hate picking up water balloons after you do them? Now you don’t have to! These water balloons are easy to fill and use, and kids love them!

The Pencil Grip Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint Pens, 24 Count

*Washable and they dry in under 90 seconds

-24% off

These vibrant pens take the mess out of painting! They’re awesome for doing art projects, plus you no longer need to gather water bottles, smocks, and all the extras.

Miss Mouth’s HATE STAINS CO Stain Remover for Clothes 

#1 Best Seller 20% OFF COUPON

“With this spray and a little bit of scrubbing time, I’ve been able to save all the clothes from going into the trash can. “

This stain remover lives up to the popular hype, especially on the boys kids clothes!

Wet Brush

-19% off

If you have a girl in your home, these brushes are LIFESAVERS for detangling hair. I buy extra to hide for myself.

Charging Station/Dock

*My family’s favorite! -41% off + 10% COUPON: EXCLUSIVE PRIME DAY DEAL

A central charging station helps the whole family stay more organized! Creating a spot in our home has been a simple time and sanity saver that I would never do without again.

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What’s Next?

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