1 Easy Way to Connect – Family Night Club Fun

Hi there! This series shares one real-life connection from the week.

This week, I… had dinner time fun with music trivia

I printed out last week’s music trivia from the Family Night Club and we had a ton of fun completing it around the table on Tuesday.

I’m impressed that my family aced it! It was a group effort, and my hubby surprised me by being the only person who knew #6, the fifth note in “Do-Re-Mi-Fa….”

How I connected, music trivia Family Night Club

How did you connect with others or yourself this week?

Not sure what the Family Night Club is? It’s a service that sends done-for-you family nights each week. The music trivia above was part of the set below. You can do it all at once, or split it up and do what works for your family.

Family Night Club soul activity set

Jenn Kropf

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