Get Your Life Back Recommended Tools

Hi there! Here I keep an updated list of tools that help with certain days in the email challenge! These are products that have been transformative for me or others I know, and I hope they help you too!

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get your life back recommended tools

The Best Tool for ALL of the Days

Day 3 Tools: Schedule for Focus

Day 4 Tools: Simplify Your Life

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Day 5 Tools: Automate More

  • The Kids Routine Pack (checklists, chore charts, rewards, and more to automate and delegate home responsibilities)
  • Amazon subscribe and save
  • Chatbooks – If you use Instagram for family photos, this service collects your photos automatically and sends you a book after every 50 pictures. It’s an affordable service that prints your beloved photos FOR YOU!

Day 6 Tools: Ask for Help

Often, this starts with asking those we love for more support.

Here are other products and/or services that may help you too:

*All major stores have free pick-up and many charge only a small fee for delivery.

Day 7 Tools: Take Better Care of Yourself