15 Easiest Alphabet Activities to Do With Your Kids (Combine Learning & Play!)

One of my summer goals is to help my 5 year old learn her letters before kindergarten in the fall. But here’s the deal. She’s my third kid, and I’m tired. Crazy sensory bins and elaborate activities just aren’t going to happen.

Therefore, this list is made up of the EASIEST ways to help her learn.

easy alphabet activities for kids, simple letters learning

They are simple alphabet activities that prove you don’t have to go to extremes to help kids have fun while learning.

15 Easy Alphabet Activities for Kids

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best alphabet activities for preschoolers and toddlers before kindergarten

1. Point out letters everywhere you go!

This requires no set up or clean up. And it’s super easy! Every time we take a walk on the nearby trail, I have her tell me a few letters she sees on signs. We’ve also done letters on t-shirts, street signs, restaraunts, etc.

2. Do an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Hide alphabet cards around the house or yard and have your child find them and tell you what they are.

3. Letter Tracing with Shaving Cream

Spray shaving cream on a table and let your child trace letters with their finger in the foam. You can also use pudding instead if you’re afraid your child will try to eat it.

Also fun in the shower by using the steam on the door.

4. Use Magnetic Letters on the Fridge

Use magnetic letters to spell out words on the fridge. Encourage your child to create simple words or match letters to pictures.

5. Play Alphabet Hopscotch

Draw a hopscotch grid with chalk and write a letter in each square. Have your child say the letter or a word that starts with that letter as they hop.

6. Use White Crayons

Write letters with white crayon then have your child paint over it to “reveal” the secret letter. Have them tell you what the letters are that pop up.

7. Read Alphabet Books

Read alphabet books together. Point out and discuss the letters and the corresponding words or pictures. Here are a few fun ones:

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8. Sing Alphabet Songs

Sing alphabet songs or rhymes that include letters and sounds to make learning musical and memorable.

9. Make Play-Doh Letters

Roll out Play-Doh and shape it into letters. This is a tactile way for your child to learn letter shapes.

10. Use Fun Games & Puzzles

child doing a puzzle

Use birthdays and Christmas to ask for alphabet style games and puzzles. That way, kids can easily learn their letters while they’re already playing.

We love this game:

11. Make Flashlight Letters

In a dark room, use a flashlight to “write” letters on the wall or ceiling. Your child can guess the letter you’re making.

12. Try Interactive Apps

alphabet activities to help toddlers and preschool learn letters, kindergarten

Use educational apps designed for young children to practice letters through interactive games and activities. ABC Mouse is wonderful for this.

13. Watch Fun Alphabet Shows

Our family favorites for learning the alphabet are The Letter Factory, by Leap Frog and Super Why, a show on PBS. There are many other shows that are both engaging and educational.

14. Practice Using Finger Paint

This one requires a bit more prep and clean up, but kids love getting their fingers messy. Get a set of colorful paints and then let kids practice their letters on a big sheet of paper. You’ll end up with a masterpiece and a great practice session.

15. Practice With Salt (The Cleaner Version)

Pour a small amount of salt onto a cookie sheet or in a pan. Then, your child can write their letters over and over without paper waste or lots of clean up.

Pro Tip: These alphabet activities are simple enough that you can enlist the help of older siblings too! My big kids have “help sister with the alphabet” right on their morning summer checklists for the days we’re home.

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