How I Connected This Week – Birthday Excitement

Hi there! This series shares one real-life connection from the week.

This week, I…got to celebrate a bunch of birthdays

My mom, my hubby, and a dear friend’s 40th birthday.

How we connected, a weekly series on human connection

By the end of the week, I’m a little exhausted. But it was amazing to have so many reasons to connect and laugh.

Birthday celebrations (big and small) lift us out of the mundane and to-do list mentality. Finding joy is what life’s about too. And celebrating the people who make your life extraordinary is the perfect way to do it.

For the 40th birthday, we checked out a few wineries I would have never gone to on my own :)

How did you connect with others or yourself this week?

Do you have a loved one’s birthday coming up? Don’t miss the opportunity to connect on their special day! Here are some fun birthday things to do >>

Jenn Kropf

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