How We Connected This Week – Feb 9, 2024

Hi there! This is a new series I’m testing out that shares about one real-life connection from the week. If you enjoy the series, please leave a comment below so I know to keep it going.

This week, I…took three evening walks with my family.

Our window of time was short – after dinner but before it got dark. About 20 minutes each. But we got out there.

How we connected, a weekly series on human connection

First Walk: A game of tag happened.

Second Walk: My son opened up about school stuff.

Third Walk: I had a quick moment to catch up with the hubby while the kids explored.

Connection doesn’t have to be a big to-do or high effort activity. And often, it lies in those in-between moments. You know?

How did you connect with others or yourself this week?

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