How We Connected This Week – Feb 23, 2024

Hi there! This series shares one real-life connection from the week.

This week’s post features Jessica Evans, our in-house reading specialist and contributing content editor.

how we connected

This week, I…was a “fun” mom!

Our boys had some extra time off from school and we were able to take a vacation. I don’t typically consider myself a fun mom, so I tried some new things:

  • Instead of sitting in my chair reading my book, I let my 8-year-old repeatedly dunk me under the waterfalls in the lazy river as we floated. (They were sooo cold!)
  • Instead of watching my kids and husband go down slides and off diving boards, I joined in!
jumping off diving board
  • Instead of adhering to bedtime, we stayed up late to watch outdoor movies and have snacks.
colin eating

I was pleasantly surprised by the laughter, discussions, and overall enjoyment that unfolded. Sometimes, it’s worth shaking things up and making different choices.

How did you connect with others or yourself this week?

Perfection is not a parenting requirement. Have a little fun this week!

Jessica Evans

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