How We Connected This Week – Feb 16, 2024

Hi there! This is a new series I’m testing out that shares about one real-life connection from the week. If you enjoy the series, please leave a comment below so I know to keep it going.

This week, I…

played Valentine’s Day would you rather at dinner with the kids.

Oh my gosh, they loved it.

We all decided that for this one:

How we connected, a weekly series on human connection

Would you rather have red skin or completely white eyes?

Someone walking around with only white eyes would be the creepiest thing you’ve ever seen.

how we connected - valentines edition

Note: I just pulled it up on my phone to play! Easy peasy.

Honestly, they liked this game so much that they followed me to my bedroom and my entire family kept playing until I made them get out. So I could go to bed!

How did you connect with others or yourself this week?

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