Kids Reading Challenge – Learn something new about spring!

Last week our family released butterflies from our deck.

We spent days watching as small caterpillars grew larger, formed a chrysalis, and then slowly emerged as butterflies.

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And there were a lot of questions about this amazing transformation!

We read  A Butterfly’s Life Cycle  to help learn more about the process of metamorphosis.

Using books to learn about a topic is a simple but effective strategy to engage your kids while exploring new things.

Learn more about springtime nature topics by reading a book about spring for our kids reading challenge this month.

We also have an awesome list of  Picture Books About Spring  – with both fiction and nonfiction ideas.

Plus, print our free  Kids Monthly Reading Challenge  and read along with us this year. ⬇️​

Also, have fun with  spring trivia  to test your knowledge and learn even more interesting facts!

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