Why Cleaning Schedules Are Dumb

Before you hurl tomatoes at my head, hear me out.

First, I’d like to ask you a question.

What are your top life priorities?

Mine include connecting with family and friends, doing fulfilling work, and taking care of my health.

You know what’s not in there? Cleaning.

I’m guessing it’s not in yours either. And that’s why I hate cleaning schedules for women.

Why would you dust your bedroom every week, when instead you could be…

  • laughing with your kids
  • reading a book you can’t put down
  • walking in the woods
  • making someone smile through your work

Now, I know sometimes you feel like “someone’s got to do it.”

Sure. No one wants to live in filth. And we all do better when we’re not surrounded by messes.

But shake out your rugs when it NEEDS to be done, not when some arbitrary schedule tells you it should be.

And when it needs to be done, save yourself HOURS by…

  • Getting your ENTIRE family to clean up (because everyone lives there)
  • Starting a routine and chore system with your kids 
  • Putting your partner in charge of some cleaning
  • Trying out a robot vacuum or other device to make things easier
  • Paying for a cleaning service

And then with your new free time, go out and inspire the world with your love.

Because we’re more than just cleaning machines.

Jenn Kropf

P.S. You’ll never find a hardcore mom cleaning schedule on the site. But the free checklist and full  Gold Star Routine Pack  make great alternatives if you’re ready to get your kids involved.