Life is what you make it

One of my 4 year old’s favorite books is the Three Little Pigs.

In it, two of the brothers want to play. So, they rush through building their houses, putting in only a half effort. The third pig takes his time, works hard, and builds a sturdy house of bricks. In the end, the big bad wolf demolishes the first two homes, but can’t get past the pig with bricks.

And of course, this is a beautiful metaphor for life.

Are you rushing through your days, always moving to the next thing?

Or do you slow down, evaluate what’s important to you, and build a beautiful life, brick by brick. One with great accomplishments, but also peaceful moments, and incredible joy.

My motto for 2023 is to dig deeper. In a world that constantly screams “more, more, more” what if we…

  • Shared more extraordinary moments with the people closest to us
  • Made time for deeper wellness habits and profound gratitude (instead of trying to find the time)
  • Worked on fewer projects but made them more creative, original, and authentic.

What if you went deeper instead of wider in 2023?

Think of how proud you’ll be looking back on it. How much more you get out of a life that you painstakingly create. A life made of bricks instead of sticks.

Here are a few articles to help get you dreaming:

Life is what you make it,

Jenn Kropf