When Life Gets Hard

Potty training my middle child is an experience I’ll never forget. In truth, she was the youngest and easiest one of my kids to accomplish this feat. But she was also the most memorable.

You see, we had been practicing all day. And by nightfall, she was over it.

In fact, in protest, she screamed the most blood curdling sound I’ve ever heard.

My husband walked away in a daze. (he whispered “that was terrifying.” haha)

But, when I heard her, I thought “that’s how I feel sometimes too, honey. Let it out.”

In our society, it feels like we’re supposed to be perfect. There’s something wrong with us if we’re not happy and positive all the time.

Like life’s supposed to be easy.

But that’s so far from the truth. If you want to do anything worth doing, whether it’s having a baby, going for a job a little out of your reach, running a race, or in my daughter’s case, potty training, things get hard.

It doesn’t mean you don’t do them. It means you scream (figuratively or literally🤣). And then move forward even when you want to quit.

Because the good stuff…the sense of freedom, accomplishment, and joy. Well, that’s on the other side friend.

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Jenn Kropf

P.S. Some days, putting one step in front of the other is doing the hard thing too!