May Reading Challenge -Check it out!

My weekends and evenings have been filled to the brim lately.

It seems that everything is happening all at once and right now.

And that I’m barely keeping up.

So, last weekend I took time out to spend some of my evening browsing at a local bookstore.

It was quiet. My pace slowed down. And I was able to pick up a new book.

When I left, I felt like I could breathe just a little easier.

  • Reading for as little as 6 minutes slows heart rates and eases tension.
  • Reading is 300% better at reducing stress than walking.

As we start this new month, take time to quiet yourself, slow down, and make space to read.

Our May reading challenge is to read a New York Times Bestseller. This is the book I picked up to start. ⬇️

Here are some additional bestsellers I’ve loved:

Check out more current  New York Times Best Sellers  >>

Grab the printable monthly Monthly Reading Challenge for Women and join us!

While reading is one of my favorite hobbies, it’s a challenge to make time for it when life gets hectic.

I’m grateful for this reading challenge and all of you that are reading along with me.

Happy Reading!

P.S. Mother’s Day is coming up! Grab an inspirational book for the women in your life and make sure you grab one for yourself!

P.P.S. Encourage a friend to read along with you! It may be just what they need this Mother’s Day!

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