7 New July Goals: What I’m Aiming for This Month (+ Wrapping Up June!)

Hi there! This series shares my goals, bucket list items, and progress made every month.

This Month’s Goals

This month has fewer goals (7) because I’m trying to scale back these months with the kids home.

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july goals

1. Train for a Half Marathon

Read why I’m doing the half marathon here.

I just finished up week 4 of training. I’ve never run a half marathon before, and I’ve honestly been surprised by how doable it is. If you follow a schedule, it’s just a bit more each week.

The half marathon is scheduled for September 14th 🙂

    2. Check off at Least 4 Things From the Summer Bucket List With the Kids

    We checked off one bucket list item this week – Taking a bike ride to the local sandwich place. That makes it 3/4 for June. I don’t have a specific goal for July, but we’ll continue adventuring this month. Here’s what I’m hoping to get checked off the list:

    • Visit the Farmer’s Market
    • Colorado hiking
    • Get my daughter’s ears pierced
    • Make s’mores
    • Make BLTs
    • See a sunrise or sunset
    • Paint rocks and put them out on the nearby trail

    3. Do the Monthly Reading Challenge

    I finished last month’s books. This month, I’m really excited for lighter fare.

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    07/22/2024 09:59 pm GMT

    My summer fun book is Happy Place by Emily Henry. It’s about a couple who broke up months ago, but can’t stand to tell their best friends. So, while on vacation, they play the part.

    I mean, what could go wrong?

      Check out the July reading challenge email and June’s book review for more on our monthly reading adventure – led by a Reading Specialist! >>

      4. Feel Better

      “Reset my sleep” was June’s goal. I can’t say I actually made improvement on this. But I did realize that it’s anxiety causing my sleep problem.

      So, my July goal is to work on my thoughts and get back to feeling calm. To do this, I’m using the habit tracker to

      Plus, I’ll be adding more nature walks, baths, and digital detoxes into the schedule. I’m really hoping that July can be the reset I’ve needed for months. And I’m determined.

      5. Watch a Documentary or Inspiring Movie (12 for the Year)

      Last week, I watched The Greatest Showman with the kids. It’s a bit of cheating (I’ve seen it before), but gosh it’s inspiring and fun!

      I’ve watched 6/12 for the year. So far, I’ve seen:

      • King Richard (Based on the true story of Serena and Venus Williams)
      • Jiro Dreams of Sushi
      • The Greatest Love Story Never Told (Jennifer Lopez)
      • Save My Squad (David Beckham)
      • The Race to Alaska
      • The Greatest Showman

      If you have any recommendations of documentaries you’ve loved, please let me know in the comments!

      6. Do a Freezer Challenge

      I finished last month’s Ask for It Challenge on Wealthy Woman Finance. (I’ll have it up tomorrow!)

      This month’s challenge is a bit easier. Clean out the freezer and use up what needs to be eaten.

      7. Visit a New Coffee Shop Every Month

      I got two in last month! I dropped my daughter off for a camp last week and had a few free minutes to stumble upon this gem in a neighboring town.

      I’ve visited 6/12 for the year.

      I’ll update you three times a month (beginning-mid-end) to share how I’m doing with these goals.

      What goals do you have this month? Leave a comment and share one!

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