Pregnancy leads to a lot of unhealthy binge eating for me. The fifteen boxes of macaroni & cheese in the basement will attest to that. However, I no longer have the hormonal crazies to eat junk, and my husband needs to be keeping his Crohn’s Disease in check. It’s time to go back to school.

At the start, the elephant in the room for me was always cooking. And it was a big elephant. I knew we should be eating better when my son was born, but I had no idea how to start. I mean, I could heat up food with the best of them, but I didn’t really know how to make healthy, wholesome food taste good. And I wasn’t alone. I found that other women had similar concerns with cooking in a healthy way. Just how do you cook anything delicious without that can of cream of chicken soup?

So, I set out to figure it out. The resources I found gave me hope that I could improve my cooking skills through informal learning in my own home – my own kind of cooking school. I just needed a LOT more practice (and a Growth Mindset). I did a lot of trial and error. Eventually, I got into the healthy cookbooks seen in the picture above. It makes a world of difference to have an arsenal of delicious healthy recipes. The more recipes you try, the more you understand how to improvise and modify to your liking. Seven years later, my cooking skills have grown exponentially (and therefore healthier eating as well).

Now, I am no expert. Not even close. In fact, I still think my husband cooks better than I do, and I do most of the family cooking. Annoying. Yet, I’ve come a long ways from the day I crumpled up a bay leaf into jagged pieces to flavor our dinner. Thanks to my concerned mom, we didn’t eat it. But I cried and learned that lesson the hard way.

The Return of Cooking School

I recently realized that class should be back in session. During our healthy eating project my daughter picked up an eggplant. I’ve never liked how mushy eggplant is, but I also didn’t want to say no to her trying it. The bigger variety of veggies we have the better. So, I looked up a new crunchier recipe and tried making chips out of it to go with a soup. To my delight, we loved it!

I want to know, what’s a great healthy cooking resource that you love? And what vegetable or healthy dish have you always wanted to know how to make taste good? Leave it in the comments below and i’ll find a few recipes for us to try! Let’s improve our cooking skills and healthy eating together!

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