I’ve been having a blast the last four months, and we’re just getting started!

Here are 14 of the most popular posts separated by category! Check out anything you may have missed!


self care checklist

1. Create A Self Care Checklist For A Happier Life – Do a better job of taking care of yourself! A checklist can be a game changer!



2. My Journey To Meditation – See how I began meditating and why I think it’s so beneficial.


life moments

2. How To Use Gratitude To Savor More Life Moments – 2 simple but profound ways to enjoy life more!


healthy cooking

4. 7 Ways to Make Healthy Cooking A Breeze – Easy and doable ideas to take some of the work out of healthy cooking!


health story

5. Why Health Is Crucial: Our Personal Story – Getting real about why health is an essential part to this blog! It’s a journey 10 years in the making!


Goals & Growth

6. On Taking Risks – Sharing my pregnancy struggles and risk taking goals for the year! My hope is that this post inspires others to take more chances!


7. The Insane Power of Small Compounded Actions – How tiny daily actions make or break our futures!



8. The Top 5 Life Regrets – 5 Insightful lessons to learn while there’s still time.

Mom Life

mom mantra

9. How To Use A Mom Mantra for Intentional Parenting – I stumbled upon this and it has made a world of difference!



10. Be A Happier Mom: Challenge The Housework – How my hubby got me to challenge the housework and create systems!


11. 3 Meaningful Family Rituals – How many rituals do you have to connect as a family? Check out 3 easy ones here!


family night

12. 16 Family Night Ideas – Easy family time activities for impactful time together!


kindness month

13. Kindness Month: The Good, The Great, & The Ugly – Quick kindness tips with the kids along with the BIG ups and downs of our kindness month!


independent kids

14. The Secret To Independent Kids – The 1 thing that has made the kids 10X more independent!


That’s it! Look out for fresh content on Monday! Have a fantastic weekend everyone!