Seasoned blog readers may remember that I had some unique goals for 2019! I aspired to take more risks for personal growth this year. Well, it’s mid-year! Am I following through? Am I getting out of my comfort zone in order to grow?! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out the original post! It explains WHY I’m trying to take more chances! My beautiful baby girl is a big part of it. Real growth only happens when we choose to go forward instead of fall back into safety. If it’s uncomfortable, then it’s often the right path for progress. So, try something new, have a tough conversation, put yourself out there, and be the kind of person that does hard things. It’s the only way to grow.Seasoned blog readers may remember that I had some unique goals for 2019! I aspired to take more risks for personal growth this year. Well, it's mid-year! Am I following through? Am I getting out of my comfort zone in order to grow?!

My 2019 Risk Taking Goals For Growth: Mid-year Updates

Start this blog

Almost 6 months in! And I have learned an incredible amount since.

Actually tell people about this blog!

Well, the blog forces me to put myself out there a whole lot more than before. But I’ve also gained valuable insight and ideas from readers to use in my own life! So, it’s been a growing experience, and a big win.

Go on a short getaway with my husband

Planning is underway, though I’m worried less about a fiery crash and more about the logistics of leaving three kids now (1 being a baby). But it will happen!

Invest in a rental property

This one has been put on the back burner for several reasons. First, the idea of investing in today’s incredibly hot market scares me a little too much. After an 11 year economic bull run, this risk is a little too big for me at the moment, unless an awesome deal falls into our laps. Second, I’ve been putting most of my free time into the blog, and it’s left little time for this. I have, however, listened to some podcasts and recently increased our savings fund towards real estate in preparation for this future goal.

Get Lasik

Well, I think this one scares me the most! I’m doing it in November when I’m done nursing, but I may need a few pep talks to actually follow through and let someone scrape my eye. I am very excited to not be blind anymore though!

Improve my Spanish to have the courage to strike up more conversations

I’ve let this one slide lately! I just re-started my awesome native speaker conversations this week to get this going again! For me, this is mostly about confidence. risks growth

Get an accountability partner

This action has been one of the risks producing the most growth. My accountability partner is pretty awesome, and I definitely make more progress on my big goals when I have to check in with her. It has gotten me to “up my game” in various ways. For starters, I’m running 4 miles regularly, the blog continues to grow, and I’ve been eating a heck of a lot healthier. Having a partner has been a big part of that. Sometimes it’s hard to get a call in, but it’s always worth it in terms of the big picture.

Have a conversation with my husband about future goals.

Done! Hard conversations are a big one! We will do a check in tomorrow over our original 5 year plan discussed together at the beginning of the year. The marriage podcasts we’ve been listening to have opened up some other hard to share and super interesting conversations too. I’ve been realizing that since we’ve had kids, the deep conversations haven’t happened all that often. It’s been really refreshing to bring them back. Due to one of these conversations, we’ll be doing a 10K together in August! I’m adding it to risk taking because doing something physically challenging together is new and getting out of our comfort zones a little bit! risks growth I’ve added one more to the list recently as well! This may not be a leap for others, but it sure is for me!

Give More To Things That Matter To Me

If my mission is to be impactful, and raise impactful human beings, then my kids need to see us giving. There is no more sure fire way to make an impact than to give. Yet, I STRUGGLE so much with this one, and it’s been weighing heavy on my heart for a while. I do most of our finances, and I tend to think conservatively. I worry that by giving more, we won’t have enough for our other big financial goals. Which honestly, is ridiculous. We can always make it work by adjusting our priorities and spending less in areas that aren’t important to us. I mean, I like to think we’re pretty adaptable creatures! It’s a scarcity mentality that I need to let go of. And frankly, I’d like to walk the talk about being impactful. It’s what this blog is about, after all.

How We’ll Give

So, we recently increased our giving to 5% with the ultimate goal of 10% within a year. I’ve spent some time looking at the numbers and panicking. For no real reason, it’s just hard to let go. But I’m excited about what we can do with it. And we’ll talk with the kids about where it should go and who it can help. I do want to note, that while we support those that tithe completely with churches, ours does not entirely look that way. It’s separated into three categories: causes that we believe in, church, and money to spend on people around us (coffee to a coworker, dinner to someone, etc). Additionally, the amounts in the three are not equal. I don’t believe there’s one right way to give, it’s what feels right to you. risks growth Truthfully, one of the very best things about this blog has been that it’s forcing me to level up in my own life, and follow through with things I’ve stalled on for years! So, thank you readers, for giving me that opportunity! So, are you taking risks for sizable growth? Have you been following through with your goals?

Maybe it’s time for a mid-year accountability check!

Remember, risks = growth.
“If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.” Thomas Jefferson
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